Why is matched betting legal

Why is Matched Betting Legal?

Why is Matched Betting Legal?

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As you may well know, matched betting is entirely legal. Betting companies may not be huge fans of matched betting, but nothing in the law prevents it. So, why is matched betting legal?

Matched betting involves opening bookmaker accounts, placing legal bets and taking advantage of welcome offers open to anyone over 18 years of age; there is no part of the process that involves anything but above board activity.

Those who engage in matched betting are just using the promotions and tools that bookmakers have provided. They are not taking advantage of any loopholes.

The bets and process involved in no way contravene the terms and conditions of an offer, but this doesn’t mean that a bookmaker is keen on matched betting.

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Bookmaker Sign Up Offers

The main hypothetical way for matched betting (at least in its simplest form) to be banned would be for bookmakers to stop offering promotions to their customers.

In a crowded and competitive sector, one of the best ways for an online bookmaker to attract brand new customers to their site is to entice them in with fantastic promotions (welcome offers) and keep them active by offering reload offers.

Bookmaker Reload Offers

Another hypothetical way for matched betting to be restricted would be for bookmakers to stop offering ongoing promotions to their customers through reload offers.

Reload offers entice customers to keep betting, reload more money into their balances, and keep betting. 

Similarly to welcome offers, it seems pretty doubtful that a bookmaker would cease offering these promotions as they are in the business of trying to secure repeat business, and an inactive customer is not going to bring about much profit.

Why do Bookies Allow Matched Betting?

Beyond banning all promotions, which doesn’t look likely to happen anytime soon, it’s challenging for bookmakers to know when people are matched betting.

Matched betting may not be illegal, but gambling companies don’t have to keep you on their site.

However, Given that matched betting takes place over two different sites (the bookmaker and the betting exchange), and these sites are bye-an-large not linked, it’s nigh on impossible for a company to tell when somebody is matched betting.

As we have seen, although matched betting is legal Now, do bear in mind that even though matched betting is legal, you may not be welcome on an online bookmaker.

Online bookmakers are free to accept or ban whoever they want (as per their terms and conditions). If they suspect you of matched betting, they have the legal right to ban you from their platform.

Do Bookies Care About Matched Betting?

There is some evidence to say that some bookmakers may not be as against matched betting as you might think.

A spokesperson for William Hill has indicated explicitly that the betting industry does not have a problem with the use of free bets for matched betting.

How do Bookies Know if you are Matched Betting?

Some betting patterns can suggest matched betting activity, and taking too much value from a bookmaker can appear suspicious (only taking bets with attractive odds or using free bets). Still, it is tough to see how bookmakers can ban matched betting!

Some matched bettors carry out mug betting to reduce the chances of being restricted or banned by bookies.

Why is Matched Betting Legal? Final Thoughts

So, why is matched betting legal? It’s because there’s no feasible way to ban it, nor is there any real push to deny it.

When people match bet, they tend to take advantage of promotions. These are promotions that they are allowed to use and that does not circumvent any terms or conditions.

Can you make something illegal if the bookies have told gamblers they can use those tools? It’s improbable, and matched betting remains worth it in 2022!

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