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Best matched betting sites

Best Matched Betting Sites 2023

What are the best matched betting sites for 2023?

To discover and complete matched betting offers and have the tools you need at your disposal, access to a match betting service is a must.

This post delves into the options and takes a brief look at their pros and cons so you can make an informed choice before you sign up.

We suggest starting with the free account option and trial of premium subscriptions before committing straight off to a full monthly cost (though we believe in the long run it’s a no-brainer to sign up for one in the long run).

All the big names offer trials, and we share the best deals on our site (and Instagram) whenever they come out.

We provide you with the information in one place to make an informed choice, and we link to our full totals so you can delve into greater detail (together with a breakdown of all of the tools and offers each site provides).

Most services will have a monthly cost, but some notable free matched betting sites may be worth looking at, as reducing overheads is always appealing. 

Traditional options, (formerly Profit Accumulator) or OddsMonkey, face competition from services such as Team Profit or the new kid in town The Profit Ladder.

Best Paid Matched Betting Sites

Industry Leader
£ 29
  • Largest community (150,000+)
  • Higher Level membership option available (Diamond)
  • Excellent Tools and software
  • 7 day a week support
  • Free Trial (£40+ profit)
Site Choice


Editor's Choice
£ 34
  • Popular Choice
  • Free Trial (> £63 profit)
  • No contract
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • £234.99 annual fee option
  • Premium includes 7 day a week support
  • Excellent Oddsmatcher tool
Best Pick - Our choice for the Best Paid Matched Betting Site

For brand recognition, Industry Leader rates the highest in 2023.

There is little doubt of their popularity; they boast about having had the highest number of paying members since 2014 (over 150,000).

In November, 2022 they re-branded to

There are several membership options open to you, with the Platinum option at £29.99/month (recently they raised the price from £24.99) and the full Diamond membership at £39.99/month. The latter offers access to Casino bonuses and software. 

For more detail, check out the full 2023 Profit Accumulator review.

Matched betting in the US? Try ProfitDuel

Our second choice-matched betting site for 2023 is OddsMonkey. We recommend it for great value, ease of use, and the wonderful community and customer service. It’s an ideal choice for the beginner-matched bettor.

Together with, it’s a firm favourite for the matched betting beginner, with accessible and thorough guidance for all the essential matches betting offers, including many helpful video guides.

An intuitive odds matcher, calculator, and profit tracker make finding, logging, and monitoring your successes effortless.

With countless other fantastic tools, the site helps to make a case for paying for a paid site to be a no-brainer, especially when you factor in exceptional customer service, but see below for information on free matched betting sites!

For more detail, check out the full OddsMonkey review.

The decision on (Profit Accumulator) Vs OddsMonkey is not an easy one

With a similar range and standard of tools, the welcome offers are very similar to the ones on offer from OddsMonkey, but its monthly cost is now £10 more (from January 2022).

The tools you have at your fingertips are incredible. For every task, there is a calculator, and for every bookmaker offer, there is a guide. They also offer more comprehensive membership options to OddsMonkey.

Both sites offer beginners extensive beginner tutorials and guides to starting matched betting and do not assume prior betting knowledge or experience.

With their pros and cons, they are not easy to separate. Many community members consider that Profit Accumulator has a more professional and sleek look and design with more offers. Still, it’s tough to favour one over the other. One notable point is that OddsMonkey does have a dedicated horse racing matcher.

For the matched bettor worried about additional offers at PA, you can, of course, sign-up for an account in addition to your OddsMonkey membership.

In terms of price, bear in mind that if you pay annually, the price works out the same as OddsMonkey Premium, which is fair, given that their Diamond plan is comparable to OddsMonkey Premium plus their CasinoMonkey membership.

It may be that you do not need to choose between them at all? Should you instead choose a different service…?

Matched betting in the US? Try ProfitDuel

Best Free/Value Matched Betting Sites

Team Profit

Free alternative
  • No charge option
  • Free Tools
  • Extensive welcome offer guides
  • Paid 'Team Casino' option
best matched betting sites image

The Profit Ladder

New affordable option
Free / £4
  • Extensive number of offers on Free Plan
  • 15 matched betting calculators
  • Training guides and materials
  • Excellent affordable Pro version
  • Affordable (£4.99) pro membership option (£49.99 per year)

With an extensive offering of free guides to matched betting offers, Team Profit deserve mention. 

They score highly on Trustpilot and self-market as the most popular free matched betting service, and there seems to be little argument over that, with a fabulous array of tools and information at no cost!

Beyond the clear benefits of the paid services (we recommend Profit Accumulator), if you want to try a free matched betting site, then Team Profit could be an option.

Profit Squirrel was previously reviewed, but now (as of April 2023) appears to be unavailable.

New kids in town The Profit Ladder [as of April 2023 they appear not to be available] also seem to be providing an exciting opportunity to get started with matched betting at a low cost, with an extensive array of free offer guides, an easy to navigate and pleasant website experience, and some great tools*.

*Update – April 2022 – we reached out to Profit Padder to check on their plans and they let us know that:

We’ve got a lot of plans to add and improve various features on our site. We’re focusing on the new football season, and we’re hoping to do the following before then:
– Add golf extra place matcher
– Improve our beginner tutorials significantly
– Add more dashboard customisation
– Add an offers calendar (and post every daily offer for both sports and casino)
– Increase the number of video and written guides/tutorials.
– Add exchange integration plus 0% commission for multiple exchanges.

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