Matched Betting Accumulators

Matched Betting Accumulator Guide – How to Matched Bet Accumulators

Matched Betting Accumulators Guide How to Matched Bet Accumulators

With matched betting, we aren’t limited to single bets. A popular bet with mug betting and the matched bettor is accumulator bets.

So what are accumulator bets? We will delve into that and then look in detail at how to matched bet accumulators.

Accumulator bets are a combination of bets into one bet, and to win a standard accumulator bet, all the selections need to come in. The odds of each bet (say, for example, a football game) are multiplied by the next, meaning that they often have considerable odds and are therefore reasonably unlikely to occur but, of course, have great potential for profit if they do win.

‘Accas’ are popular in the betting world, not least due to the excitement of following all the action and the hope that they all ‘come in’ and win big.

Accumulators are hard to win due to the high number of selections included and the multiple probabilities and likelihood of winning. 

Matched betting accumulators are different; we will look at how accumulator matched betting is not as tricky as you might think.

Matched betting Accumulators – the terminology.

The terminology of accas is all about the number of selections, so therefore a ‘four-fold’ Acca contains four selections in different (never the same event/market) events. If these bets win, you win. However, if any of the football matches lose, your total bets does too.

Can you do Matched Betting on Accumulators

Yes, you can matched bet accumulators, and you need to ensure you are confident with this betting type due to the multiple welcome offers that rely upon placing them.

Don’t let it put you off the numerous welcome sign up offers that mention accumulator bets.

An example of an accumulator bet, to make things clear, would be a four-fold accumulator on the Premier League.

Let’s say you select (with decimal odds) Man City to win at 1.3, Man United at 1.8, Arsenal at 2.1, Leicester at 2.3 and Chelsea at 1.7. The accumulated odds for this bet will be 19.21 (1.3 x 1.8 x 2.1 x 2.3 x 1.7 = 19.21). 

If, for example, you placed an accumulator bet of £10 on this and all of those teams won, then you would have a return of £192.13 (19.21 x £10 = £192.13). ). The most likely situation, of course, is that you will lose the bet since if only one of these teams fails to in, then it’s lost.

The reason that it’s crucial you ensure you are comfortable with placing accumulators is because they are very popular with bookmakers.

There are often accumulator promotions that we can take advantage of, and although it’s tempting when you start to ignore these, that would be a massive error since they are far too profitable to be missed. 

Accumulator bets provide an excellent return for bookies, but as ever, this is where we can take advantage of their generous offers that aim to entice the mug bettor.

Sometimes you may be put off as there are various options for matching bet accumulators and placing your accumulator bets. Don’t worry; we explain this below.

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How to Matched Bet Accumulators

To place accumulator bets is quite simple but may vary slightly from bookmaker to bookmaker.

To place a matched accumulator bet, you don’t need to worry about doing the maths each time as you select all of the matches to win and then amend the betting slip.

The bookmaker will provide you with an option to choose the accumulator rather than keeping the best separate.

You aren’t limited to placing bets on outright wins, but they must be for different games (markets).

Often the bets are referred to simply as 3-fold, 4-fold etc., rather than specifically as an ‘accumulator’.

Matched Betting - Laying Accumulators

Once we have placed the accumulator bet with the bookmaker, to match the bet, we need to know how to lay off the Accumulator.

You will have selected your accumulator bet through the software available to you at the matched betting service, such as the OddsMonkey Acca Finder, which has multiple advantages.

How to Matched Bet Accumulators

The finder/matcher can reduce the time it takes to find a reasonable odds accumulator bet, which doesn’t cause any issues for how we lay the bet (such as sequential – see below).

For example, the finder ensures that (if you are betting on football) the game times don’t overlap and with their odds represent a good option for the matched bettor (and that they also meet all the requirements for the matched bet as far as the bookmaker is concerned, like minimum combined odds).

Once you have chosen your selection and checked the details are correct at the bookmaker and the exchange, you will need to lay off your bet, and there are various options open to you that we will run through.

Matched Betting Accumulators - How to Lay

The beauty of matched betting is to back and lay and cover all outcomes for a specific market, such as a horse race or a football match, which is followed by a profit either straight away or through issuing a free bet. Despite them being less straightforward, you should not be put off with a few more things to consider.

Accumulator bets involve a selection of multiple bets dealt with as one. To lay them properly to return your profit does require some knowledge of the type of accumulator. It’s good practice to use your matched betting service for this and the specific guides to the promotional bets you are following as to what way to do it.

Once you know which of the different methods to choose from, it should be pretty straightforward to lay your accumulators, especially with using a calculator to do so.

How to matched bet accumulators is just as simple as learning the other first steps on your journey, and they are also pretty fun!

The most common method, though, is to lay sequentially; this means to lay your first bet (and the odds displayed for this specific leg of your set of bets) and keep laying until one of your bets loses. 

Unlike with a mug bet, we don’t need to win the accumulator.

You don’t need to know how to win football accumulators matched betting since the considerable benefit of matched betting remains the case; even for accumulators, you win even if you ‘lose’!

If your accumulator back bets win, this is a bit of a pain when matched betting!), once a leg has lost, then our matched bet has been completed, and we can finish our matched bet there.

Earn Extra Income - Access our Free Resources to Learn Matched Betting Easily

Free email matched betting course & PDF Quick Start Guide. Click below for your free stuff. It's not complicated.

Matched Betting Accumulators - Final Thoughts

You will find multiple welcome offers and great matched betting opportunities that require accumulator bets. Don’t be put off as they are easy to get the hang of, especially with the detailed guidance you get from a matched betting service.

The number of welcome offers and reloads that require an accumulator bet (both for qualifying and the free bet/s) means you can’t ignore accumulators. They may also have some benefit in terms of an occasional mug bet.

As shown, once you get the hang of them, you see that they are not particularly difficult and are pretty fun and satisfying to place.

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