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Matched Betting FAQs:

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Matched Betting Frequently Asked Questions

Matched betting in 2024 is a fully legal way to make money without the risks associated with gambling. Our website can help you get started, and we also have a free course to sign up for.

See our post What is Matched Betting, How do I Start, and is it Really Legal and Risk-free?

You will find answers to many of your questions about no risk matched betting on this page and help and guidance for matched betting beginners across the site.

We have signposted matched betting services to help you with your next steps. See our information on the best matched betting sites.

Placing specific bets covering all potential outcomes of an event, such as a sporting fixture, provide guaranteed ways to realise fixed profits when the money you are betting with is free.

We receive risk-free profit by making qualifying bets as part of welcome or reload offers from bookmakers. That’s what no-risk matched betting is all about: taking advantage of these offers risk-free to receive free bets back from the bookmakers that result in simple tax-free profit.

For further help, check out our beginner guides, tips and advice and advanced strategies. We have also collated our Top 10 Matched Betting Tips.

There is no catch with no risk matched betting, it just (like all things) takes time, but it’s an excellent option for those seeking extra income and can be hugely profitable.

A common question is whether a matched betting service is worth the money, and there is no hesitation at all in my answer – yes!

A matched betting service such As OddsMonkey or Outplayed.com is worth it.

Without a matched betting service –  we compare them here –  it takes a significant amount of additional time to identify relevant opportunities reducing earning per hour potential and difficulty (though it’s not impossible). You soon make back in profits the expenditure you pay on a subscription with the free offer on this site alone, earning £15-£18 in a matter of minutes.

Getting clear guidance on every offer you wish to complete is invaluable, together with the support a service provides.

Outplayed.com (reviewed here) can help you more and also give you associated community assistance and help walk you through step by step for every offer.

Check out info on matched betting free trials.

A service helps avoid pitfalls or mistakes you might have otherwise made. You will also get your betting exchange commission reduced, possibly to zero!

To join, just click here to go straight to their sign up pages. We do not hesitate in recommending Outplayed.com!

See our 2023 review of Outplayed.com if you need more info. 

It’s understandable that many people are curious about whether or not matched betting is legal. The answer to this question, however, would be a resounding yes!

It’s completely legal in the United Kingdom and has no tax implications whatsoever after you have made your profits with it. It is a good idea to avoid common mistakes and also follow some useful tips for the beginner.

You can make back bets on one bookie followed by lay bets using an exchange such as Smarkets or Betfair for risk-free potential profit opportunities.

Sign up for our free matched betting course (updated for 2023). Also, see our post on Getting Started with Matched Betting! and check out the info on matched betting free trials.

Start matched betting by signing up with multiple bookmakers, taking advantage of their welcome offers. You can in theory start matched betting with as little as £10 but at least £50-£200 is advised.

After placing qualifying bets, we receive free bets as a reward. For example, the Bet £5 get £20 in free bets sign up offer with Coral. Matched betting provides a guaranteed way to profit regardless of what happens during the event (unlike gambling). It’s straightforward to learn, and anyone can do it (you must be over 18, and our advice is for UK citizens). To help you get started, we have set out information on how to start and why it’s legal and risk-free.

We have also collated our Top 10 Matched Betting Tips and some brief guidance on getting started with matched betting basics – sports offers.

The main benefit of an accompanying matched betting service, such as Outplayed.com, is that they help you maximise your profits. They do this by identifying the relevant opportunities and providing the tools and more detailed support you need as a beginner and for the years to come.

A matched betting service is essential, but if you are choosing between Outplayed.com or OddsMonkey, then which one is best? See our post: Outplayed.com Vs OddsMonkey to find out!

With the USA matched betting service Profit Duel you can matched bet profitably within the United States.

From the creators of OddsMonkey in the UK, Profit Duel is a great opportunity for those matched betting in the United States. For all the information and sign-up information head to their pages here.

There are free options for matched betting sites. Although they do not offer as much as the leading sites to the matched bettor they should by no means be completely ruled out.

Team Profit leads the pack, and we have highlighted others in our look at the best matched betting sites for 2024There are free options for matched betting sites. Although they do not offer as much as the leading sites to the matched bettor they should by no means be completely ruled out/

You don’t need any specific sport knowledge or outstanding maths or statistical skills to start matched betting, and anyone can do it!

Attention to detail is helpful, but by spending just a few hours a week online, there’s no reason you can’t begin to earn tax-free profits right away.

Many people ask if no risk matched betting is illegal. Not only is it safe and legal but highly profitable too!

Yes, matched betting is an entirely viable way of earning money online in 2024.

As long as Bookmakers want new customers (which doesn’t seem about to change any time soon), there will always be profit out there for those who know how to use matched betting methods. Matched betting is not dying in 2024.

Strategies such as 2up (Early Payout) require an active bet365 or Paddy Power account and do not require free bets of any kind to bring about sizeable potential profit.

After reading posts on our site, why not try our free matched betting course (with free matched betting Quick Start PDF).

After reading answers to your questions and looking through the guides here, matched betting sites such as Outplayed.com or OddsMonkey help you find and calculate the right bets at the right stakes and provide all the tools you need to make this process quick and easy.

The advice and guidance from a matched betting service will help you avoid partially matched bets and other pitfalls.

Matched betting is a viable and attractive means of earning risk-free profits online. We have helpful information on welcome offers and online bookmakers on the site to get you started.

Help and information on developing a matched betting spreadsheet will give you some good pointers, and also, why not check out our step-by-step guide to achieving your first profit!

No, matched betting in its simplest form is not gambling. This site does not promote gambling (which gains profit based upon the outcome of an event).

In standard matched betting, you know before an event starts exactly (within a few pence) what you will earn, regardless of how the market ends.

Some advanced techniques do have elements of longer-term expected value (EV), but they should all be profitable if done correctly.

Matched betting is not considered gambling as you know how much profit you will make, regardless of the outcome, even before the event you have bet on has started.

See our post: Is Matched Betting Risk-Free?

Errors or mistakes can happen, however, the chances of a mistake are reduced if you follow the guidance throughout the site. If you match a bet properly, your return is inevitable. 

We think it is entirely fair to state that it is no risk matched betting; as it’s entirely different to gambling and the only loss of money can be from errors and mistakes.

The risk associated with everyday gambling is that an outcome will not occur, whereas, with standard matched betting, you bet on all eventualities and know the outcome.

When you start matched betting, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect to earn £500-£1,000 from the bookmaker welcome offers alone, based upon 3-4 hours a week.

Matched betting on football and horse racing is widespread, and we’re often asked how much can you make from matched betting?

You can earn around £400+ from casino offersRefund and reload offers will also increase your earnings as you get more established, with more advanced betting techniques available down the road.

The amount of profit and speed you earn with matched betting is dependent upon your level of commitment and your available bankroll.

However, there is a unique service worth checking out, the Profit Squirrel Lifetime VIP service, since they do it all for you, and they aim at earning you a lucrative income!

Features of the lifetime access include:

  • Receive Lifetime VIP Access with Profit Squirrel after a one-off payment of £250
  • No subscription, no hidden charges. No fees
  • Guarantee to make your £250 back in just two weeks
  • Make up to 3x more than ordinary subscriptions 
  • Referral scheme – ability to earn £50 for each person you refer

Only limited cash is required to begin matched betting. You need to deposit at a few bookmakers.

For example, with the Coral ‘bet £5 and get £20 in free bets’ welcome offer, you only need £5 with the bookmaker and a similar amount at the exchange.

Why not check out our post exploring whether you can start matched betting with as little as £10.

You also need money in your betting exchange account to match your bets. The more you have to start with, the quicker you can begin building your profits. 

A fair minimum with which to start matched betting is £50, but it’s possible with less. 

Try our free matched betting course (which features a free matched betting cheat sheet).

To match a bet, you need first to place a ‘back bet’, a standard bet with a bookie. You then ‘lay’ the bet through an exchange; this ensures they are ‘matched’ and no gambling takes place (since all possible outcomes are covered). A matched betting calculator helps us match our bets.

We can turn a regular profit from repeating these steps from the welcome offers offered to us by bookmakers (and the subsequent offers following that). 

Remember to check out our beginner’s guides, looking in more detail at what matched betting is and how to get started.

Matched betting has exploded in popularity over recent years for this reason – it’s simple enough for anyone to do so long as they have access to a computer and internet connection.

The website pulls together some common questions about matched betting (such as betting blogs) while providing helpful answers. We hope the information provides you with the clarity you need.

Feel free to email answers@matchedbettingfaqs.com if you want more direct help, and we will get back to you. Also, check out our betting blog and other helpful info here.

Matched Betting Calculator helps you calculate your bets, and they are an essential tool for any matched bettor.

Required for your initial qualifying and free bets, the calculator will tell you exactly how much your bets should be.

A calculator also calculates your liability and ensure you minimise your qualifying losses and maximise your free bet profits.

Oddsmatching calculators provide you with the right matched bets to place after which you manually place the bet at the bookie, followed by the correct lay bet at the exchange. 

Suppose you back Manchester United to beat Liverpool; you are betting with the bookmaker that United will win the fixture (the bookies’ position is that United will not win).

In that case, when you lay a bet with the exchange (for example, at Betfair or Smarkets), this is saying that they will not win (a Liverpool win or a draw would, therefore, ‘win’ this lay bet), regardless of the result you know you will either win your back bet or win with at the exchange.

Rather than gambling your free bets from the bookmaker welcome offers, matched betting allows you to retain around 75% of the value of free bets.

A matched betting service offers value by assisting you through these steps, firstly by finding the opportunities, then by calculating and matching them for you, and finally through assistance with recording and tracking your profits.

See our post Getting Started with Matched Betting for more info.

You can make regular money from matched betting. This could form part of an additional source of revenue and an excellent way to earn money online.

Matched betting may not come with bank holiday pay, health insurance or a pension but this doesn’t mean that people aren’t earning hundreds if not thousands of pounds for only a few hours a week. Matched betting is not ‘dying in 2021’.

It’s entirely safe and legal in the UK to do matched betting, and any money you gain through the process is tax-free. The profit you see on your matched betting spreadsheet can be enjoyed however you see fit.

When you match a bet, you are legally placing back bets with a bookie (betting something will happen) and at the same time placing lay bets (bets against an event occurring). Without free bets, the results would be neutral or minor amounts lost.

The beauty of match betting is that you take advantage of bookmaker welcome offers with great profit and it’s entirely legal.

Matched betting can go wrong if you are not careful. However, by following simple steps, starting slow and being organised and using the right tools you should not encounter any major problems.

Yes, matched betting can be fun. It’s satisfying earning money risk-free online.

Although it is most definitely not ‘too good to be true’.  It still takes a time commitment and a little learning to do matched betting, but the results it brings are fantastic.

Bookies tend to carry out checks when you open accounts with them. You must verify your identity (normally KYC – ‘Know Your Customer’ checks) and your address in the UK, which is normal.

Having a large number of deposits to bookies in your balance may be unwanted. You may want to consider a common practice to open a separate bank account for your matched betting activities.

See our post – Does Matched Betting Affect Credit Score?

It is worth noting that most bookmakers require a backcard for the first deposit/to trigger the welcome offer, and you cannot use a service like Skrill for this. We have pulled together the information you need on this here.

After bookmaker welcome offers for matched betting, you can continue earning money with reload offers, arbs, price boosts and other advanced techniques (such as Extra places and 2ups). There is also money to be gained from Casino offers.

A matched betting service guides you in these endeavours, including identifying daily offers and weekly bet clubs. For extra help, take a look at our post on matched betting after welcome offers. and Matched Betting After Free Bets.

Bookies run promotions to entice members of the public to bet through their website and to gain profits. Free bets encourage people to gamble more which is money in the bank for a bookmaker, so it isn’t about to end any day soon.

Gubbing occurs when a bookmaker realises you are gaining more value from them than a normal punter (or ‘mug’) would. A bookmaker severely restricts the available promotions on your account, and this can effectively end any matched betting you might have otherwise placed with them.

Gubbing should not affect your ability to remove any balance you may have with them but is to be avoided if possible. Some carry out mug betting to try and avoid gubbing, though at the very least it may be worth ensuring you stick to realistic betting patterns, stick to major football leagues and do not take too much value at every turn.

Mug betting is to place regular bets that, although matched, are not intended to profit but are just placed to make your activity look more natural and to avoid being gubbed.

Whether it’s worth placing mug bets divides opinion in the matched betting community. Taking some steps to maintain bookmaker account health is advantageous, but whether mug betting should be a part of this is hotly debated; see our post here for a complete discussion.

Arb betting allows a customer to place multiple bets to guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome but without using the free bets. These bets are sometimes called “miracle bets” or “sure bets”. Arbs are matched bets with a rating over 100%, where the lay bet is less than the back bet.

Arbs hold a much greater risk of being stake restricted by a bookmaker, primarily due to the amount of value you are taking from them, so it’s essential you know what they are about before partaking in the tactic. Find out more here.

You also have the option of arbing with actually going into the bookmaker shop for placing your back bets. See our guide – What is Sharbing?.

With matched betting, you are not limited to single bets. A popular bet with mug betting and the matched bettor is accumulator bets. So what are accumulator bets? See our post on how to matched bet accumulators.

It is possible to earn good profit from matched betting price boosts, see our post on matched betting price boosts

They can also be super profoitbale at horse racing festivals such as the Grand National (held in April) and Cheltenham (held in March).

Horse racing festivals (link to full section) are super profitable, especially Cheltenham (2023 guide. Being held in March) which provided the most profitable few days for the matched bettor each year.

Also, see our guide to matched betting at Royal Ascot and the Grand National (held in April). One race can earn you hundreds of pounds matched betting due to the excellent extra places promotions and refund offers.

Horse racing extra places is an advanced matched betting strategy that is perfect after completing your welcome offers. 

In addition to 2up (Early Payout offer), Extra places is also an offer that some bookmakers run on the horses. Though not an offer that’s available on every single race, for selected races – when available, it can be very profitable.

With extra places, you back a specific horse hoping that this horse finishes in the “extra place” at the end of the race. For example, you can earn a profit if your horse finishes in 4th and take away cash profit without carrying out further matched bet because the lay bet does not cover this extra place.

They are hugely profitable at the Cheltenham Festival which runs in March each year. See our 2023 guide.


The Beaten by a Length matched betting promotion is relatively simple and it’s a great option to include in the horse racing matched betting promotions you run.

If the horse you have bet on (your qualifying bet) is beaten by a length or less in a selected meeting, you get a free bet award (often your stake back as a free bet of up to £10).

The exact details depend on the bookmaker, with Jenningsbet and Coral currently running the promotion.

A large part of the profit we receive is from welcome offers, which are only available to new customers. Some offers may still be possible on pre-registered accounts, such as horse racing extra places (that can be highly profitable).

The terms and conditions for each bookmaker will be different, and some will let you withdraw straight away, and others will require you to reuse your winnings. There should not be any withdrawal issues and you can then reinvest that in your bankroll.

Matched betting is not illegal, neither is withdrawing your earnings. Would a regular punter withdrawal? Yes! Gubbing (see above) is most likely to come about if you always take value from the bookmaker.

See our post – the use of eWallets and matched betting bank accounts.

Sign up for our free course and see our post – Getting Started with Matched Betting

Matched betting may be daunting at first, but once you begin, you can pick up the steps you need to take with relative ease. Start earning free money online, and in your first month, it is perfectly possible to earn £500-£1,000. 

Give yourself a few hours to learn the steps and look through the answers to your key questions, learn about common mistakes to avoid, and then start your first welcome offer. The site aims to offer more than answers to matched betting frequently asked questions, with beginner and advanced guides available too. See also how a matched betting spreadsheet or Profit Tracker is essential.

Matched betting is very much alive in 2023. It remains a lucrative way of earning extra income and a full-time pursuit for many.

We pick up discussion on whether matched betting is dying? in a post.

The use of a VPN, when matched betting abroad or otherwise, can cause issues and result in bans from bookmakers, or worse, your winnings may be taken away or you worse still in theory you could get into legal issues. 

Despite the potential benefits of using a VPN it is not advisable, see the article here.

See the post eWallets and matched betting for the advice and info you need on this.

It’s undoubtedly an option to use an eWallet or separate bank account. However, some issues are to be considered, including the fact that very few bookmakers allow eWallets such as Skrill for welcome offer deposits.

For reassurance, also see the post – does matched betting affect your credit score?

Gubbed and Gubbing is a term used by matched bettors when a bookmaker has restricted their account somehow. Usually, to be gubbed is to be barred from participating in any promotion or having an account become stake restricted. In turn, both of these restrictions severely reduce the potential from that account for matched betting profit!

When you are taking value from a bookmaker rather than the other way round (which is how they like it/what they expect from ‘mugs’), then there is always a chance they will cast you aside! This is why some matched bettors do some ‘mug betting (placing regular bets to keep bookie accounts’ healthy’). See our full post on gubbings here.

Mug bets are regular bets made by those betting at bookies that are not matched and therefore are pure gambling. A common strategy for matched betters is to place some mug bets to keep bookie accounts’ healthy’ and hopefully avoid a promotion ban through ‘gubbing‘ (see our post on gubbings here), severely restricting our ability to profit.

Mug bets are so-called as gambling is ultimately always -EV in the long run; however, when WE place them, we ensure that we always lay the bet too, so we only have a marginal qualifying loss (that we know before we place it).

The matched betting 2-Up (Early Payout) strategy involves a matched bet (usually on a selected football match) and receiving an early payout when the team goes 2-Up. Paddy Power and Bet365 offer these 2up offers on set events (‘early payout’).

The profit potential is high when both your back and lay bet ‘win’ when the backed side comes back to draw or win! You can usually lock in profits from the improved odds after a goal takes the game to 2:1.

The strategy is more advanced than welcome or reloads, and there are considerable profits from this strategy. Care is required as well as a decent bankroll and plenty of patience. We use an Early Payout Calculator to carry out the strategy. See our full post to find out more.

An Early Payout Calculator or ‘2up matched betting calculator’ is used with the matched betting 2up strategy to calculate in-game how the early payout has affected the options and potential profit for the strategy and 2up offers as they play out.

This early payout calculator lets you see what profit you can bank (or receive) at 2:0/2:1/2:2 and similar variations. The calculator also enables you to work out the appropriate additional back bet for manual banking of your profit as you go along. The 2up strategy is currently available for football with Paddy Power and Bet 365.

We also use a similar calculator for the horse racing extra places offer.

Find out more on matched betting calculators here.

The bore draw matched betting offer is available with football and run by bookmakers, most notably by bet 365, and it’s similar to the matched betting 2-Up strategy.

As with the 2up offer, the profit potential is high when both are back, and lay bets win, and with a bore draw, this is when the game finishes 0-0, and the bookmaker refunds our stake! Even without the match ending 0-0, you can usually lock in profits from the improved odds if the game stays at 0-0 for a long time.

To find out more, take a look at our post on the bore draw offer.

Another great promotion to run is the Bet365 4/1 Offer, which you also run on horse races and is especially profitable at horse racing festivals.

The terms and conditions for each bookmaker will be different, and some will let you withdraw straight away, and others will require you to reuse your winnings.

There should not be any issues with withdrawal (especially with basic matched betting and welcome offers), and you can then reinvest that in your bankroll. Betting exchanges typically let you withdraw your money to a bank account quickly; however, eWallets may charge you for various activities.

Matched betting is not illegal, neither is withdrawing your earnings. Would an average punter withdraw? Yes! Gubbing (see above) is most likely to come about if you always take value from the bookmaker.

The odds matcher is an integral tool for the matched better, and it allows you to find the right opportunities and calculate the correct bets. 

The OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher is set up entirely with the welcome offers in mind. When you carry out more complicated offers involving accumulators, it is essential to have the right tools at your fingertips.

The racing oddsmatcher allows us to place bets for promotions such as the Bet365 4/1 Offer.

Second, to the question, is matched betting legal? (yes!) comes the question of whether it will cause issues with credit ratings.

Matched betting should not affect your credit rating since the checks carried out are known to be only soft checks. Multiple different bookie accounts should not cause you any difficulties. If you have any concerns, though, do seek financial advice, but no such activity should not be visible on your credit report.

Casino and bookmakers ‘soft searches’ are primarily aimed at stopping money laundering and are not visible to potential lenders. 

Some matched bettors choose to use an eWallet with matched betting, or the use of a second bank account could be a good idea.

Some matched bettors do choose to use an eWallet with matched betting, or make use of a second bank account could be a good idea.

It may be helpful to set up a separate bank account for matched betting to more easily track your finances and profits. A personal decision, there is no absolute requirement to do so, but it will keep your main bank account free of bet site deposits and withdrawals that can make you look like your heavily into gambling!

Some members of the community have used a Monzo account.  EWallets and matched betting specific bank accounts are certainly an option. We also cover such topics in our top 10 matched betting tips.

Casino offers are a different form of offer available to matched betters and involve utilising the welcome offers available from online casinos. Rather than betting on the sportsbook, these offers, often free spins, apply wagering, so there are significant differences with standard matched betting.

It’s best to start with the standard welcome and reload offers that bring steady profits and a stable bankroll through no risk matched bets. There may be no barrier for free spins, but with other Casino offers, you will need a larger bankroll, and you will see periods of losses as variance becomes an essential factor to consider.

Yes, you can do matched betting without free bets. Matched betting after free bets involves running strategies such as Extra Places (on horse racing) and Early Payout (2Ups) on Football, as well as other techniques such as arbing, price boosts and refund offers. See the full post for full details.

Dutching in matched betting is the technique of placing both your back and lay bets with bookmakers rather than laying at a betting exchange. In this way, we have covered all potential outcomes. 

Dutching is more common for horse racing matched betting as it is most useful for markets/events with two or three possible outcomes.

There are pros and cons for not using an exchange, including that there will be no commission to pay.

A fixabet calculator is what it sounds like! It’s used to cash out from erroneous lay bets or for fixing partially matched lay bets. If you have made a mistake and found to have laid too much, then the ‘Cash Out’ mode will be able to fix your bet. With a partially matched lay bet you can utilise the ‘Part Lay’ mode to fix your bet.

To lay is to bet against an outcome. If you lay Arsenal in the cup final, you are betting that they will not win. An exchange (I recommend Smarkets) is different to a bookie in that it is a site whereby the general public place bets against each other, and in a genuine sense when you lay a bet – you are the bookie!

To make a lay bet, you place it at an exchange such as Smarkets or Betfair, similarly to a standard bet but by pressing a different selection (on Smarkets, these are highlighted blue and in Betfair with pink).

Why not check out this entire article on lay betting and exchanges.

When there is not enough liquidity in the exchange, such as Smarkets, if you place your lay anyway, this may result in an unmatched or partially matched bet which is bad news.

For unmatched bets, Smarkets lets you cancel the bet (little red cross!), and for Partially matched bets, you can use a partially matched bet – calculator to work out how to correct the issue.

Wherever possible, try not to let this happen in the first place (by double-checking the liquidity for the market as detailed below the lay bet button), but if it does, don’t panic. You have options, such as trading out from your bet, and don’t over-worry and risk making things worse. Support from matched betting services’ community pages can be invaluable for the reassurance you need.

Learn here about Betting exchanges and more on lay bets.

A back bet is betting with a bookmaker that an outcome will occur. The lay bet is simply a bet on the opposite scenario, i.e., the outcome will not happen.

When laying a bet, the steps you take may feel complicated initially, but it becomes quick and straightforward once you get the hang of it. You can place your back and lay bets within a few minutes in no time (especially after finding answers to all of your FAQs for free at this site)! See the guide to your first offer for more details.

You must place the bets correctly, as mistakes could lose you money if you enter the wrong amounts. You should always place your back bet first.

Guidance from matched betting services such as Outplayed.com and OddsMonkey and the exchange makes it all relatively straightforward.

Shared liability (also known as combined liability) is the practice of reducing the liability required in the betting exchange from multiple bets. This is possible when we are placing bets on the same market (for example, the same horse race or football match).

Combined liability helps us not to be too limited by our betting exchange balance. We can get more offers done and make more profits! A useful post on this from Outplayed.com can be found here.

It may be preferable for your bets to ‘lose’ so that most of your bankroll finds its way to your exchange (reducing the need to make withdrawals from bookies).

Advanced matched betting techniques such as 2Ups, and horse racing extra places require a high balance in your exchange to cover your liabilities.

Your calculator will work out the stake you need to take out and the associated liability when you calculate your bets.

Mistakes can occur, so it’s important to carefully use matched betting calculators and double-check your data before placing lay bets at the exchange.

You need to ensure enough liquidity is in the market when you place your bets, or they may be partially or entirely unmatched. It’s possible to use a partially matched bet calculator if you do make a mistake.

If at first, you double-check all your workings, when you get used to matched betting it’s perfectly reasonable to avoid mistakes and to not needlessly lose money.

No, Do not open several accounts under one name.

Matched betting is legal, but you must follow all laws and associated terms and conditions.

Some matched betters successfully operate several ccoutns at one bookmaker throughb using family members’ details. Othjers choose to use a VPN.

The best events (known as ‘markets’) to place qualifying and free bets are high profile sporting events. The English Premier League/Championship (or the top leagues of the major European nations) for football or high profile horseracing are ideal. They can help stop betting activity from looking suspicious to the bookmaker and reduce the chance of gubbing.

When you complete offers, the oddsmatcher will identify relevant opportunities. A matched betting service saves you time and is a no brainer for this.

You match as close to 100% as possible for qualifying matched betting opportunities to reduce your qualifying losses and maximise your overall profits. 

Don’t take out back bets at 100%+ (known as arbitrage or ‘arbing’ as this can get you gubbed/banned from bookmakers) but instead, make standard looking sports bets.

Simply click here to access Outplayed.com (formerly Profit Accumulator) and go straight to their sign-up pages.

See our 2023 review if you need more info. 

Simply click here to access Oddsmonkey and their sign-up pages.

There is usually a Premium trial available which is usually £1 for 12 days.

See our 2023 Review of OddsMonkey for more info. 

OddsMonkey Premium is £34.99 PCM and you can get a whole year for £234.99. 

Simply click here to access Profit Duel (from the creators of OddsMonkey UK).

With the USA matched betting service Profit Duel you can matched bet profitably within the United States.

From the creators of OddsMonkey in the UK, Profit Duel is a great opportunity for those matched betting in the United States. For all the information and sign-up information head to their pages here.

ProfitDuel (US) Pricing:-
Monthly price: $99
Annual price: $499


Complete the free trial and earn up to $125 completely free, then upgrade to earn +$1,000s more.

Start Your FREE Trial


There are free options for matched betting sites. Although they do not offer as much as the leading sites to the matched bettor they should by no means be completely ruled out/

Team Profit leads the pack, and we have highlighted others in our look at the best matched betting sites for 2024

Try our free (email) matched betting course. Now with a free 2023/24 matched betting calendar!

In addition to these frequently asked questions, for further help, we have posted articles to help you further.

See our beginner’s guides and information on advanced strategies that provide greater insight, together with our tips and advice articles.

You can also earn your first profits with our step-by-step getting started guide, and we have also collated our Top 10 Matched Betting Tips.

Need more info on choosing a matched betting service? Find out more about the best matched betting sites! and see our low-down on matched betting free trials.

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We’ve also put together a brief guide that might be useful – What are Free Money Offers?

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