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Free Shares App - £20 Free!

A fantastic brand new free money – free shares – offer with “Shares” that you will like (if a free £20 in a matter of minutes on your phone is appealing).

*The Shares app offer is going to be reduced on Friday 27 May (from £20 free to just £5 free!), If you have not completed the offer yet then act quickly before the value drops by £15! It only takes about 10 minutes to complete the offer (with merely a £1 deposit)*

The offer gets you a completely free £20 share in the company of your choice, such as great options like Amazon, Apple, Tesla and countless others (of course, if you wish, you can exchange the shares back for cash instead after you acquire them).

This offer takes only 10 minutes to do and simply requires a £1 deposit (once verification is complete).

How to Get a £20 Free Share with Shares

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Sign up to Shares here:

Complete the sign-up process (this is the same as any similar app, you need to supply personal info and ID verification, but it’s super quick and easy).

During the set-up and account verification, you can select which company you would like your free £20 share in (we suggest a high profile US Tech company but it’s completely up to you).

You will then need to deposit £1 into your Shares account and then you are immediately credited with the free share that you have chosen!

If you want a quick and easy £20 today, you can sell it and withdraw the funds back to your chosen bank account once you own the share.

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Note – Shares is currently very popular and verification is taking a day or two. Don’t worry, they will sign you up (and their web chat help is great).

For more offers, head back to our free money pages.

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