Is Matched Betting Legal

Is Matched Betting Legal?

Is Matched Betting Legal in 2022?

Many people are looking for a way to make a quick, easy extra side income, and matched betting on sports is a great way to do just that. However, there is nothing better than winning money with someone else’s money, and technically, that is just what you are doing when matched betting.

Although the concept may seem too good to be true, matched betting is 100% legal. You are legally wagering on a legal bet with a legal free bet offer from a legal sportsbook from a bookmaker, and there is nothing unlawful in this process whatsoever. 

While matched betting is definitely legal, it can be a hard concept to understand and even harder to pick up. However, once you get it, you could be making some pretty good money the next time you log onto a sports betting site. In this post, we will answer the common question; is matched betting legal in 2022.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting in its basic form is the process of taking a free bet offer from a bookmaker and using it while wagering on both sides of a bet, guaranteeing you will earn a profit no matter the outcome.

Matched betting sites are readily available to bettors to help identify the offers worth taking for the best profits.

For the matched bettor, this starts with welcome and reload offers.

Tools such as calculators and spreadsheets also aid the matched bettor.

Back and Lay Betting

Matched betting is usually accomplished by using a technique called back and lay betting, which will help turn your free bet offers into real cash. This is done by wagering on one side of the bet and then covering that bet by using your free bet offer, ensuring you will win no matter what happens. 

Many bettors will watch their free bet offers and promotions expire or use them on a single chance and lose them. This is mainly because not many people know how to do matched betting, and those who do, don’t want to take the time or energy to play them through.

See our guide to matched betting basics sports offers to get started now.

Is Matched Betting Legal?

Is matched betting legal in 2022? Yes, matched betting is absolutely legal. Bookies will often hand out free bets to loyal customers as welcome bonuses or encourage punters to play less popular games. 

While bookies may not like these people profiting off of their money, they know that some people do, and they are doing it all within their legal limits.

If a bookie notices a specific account is costing them a lot of money, and they are barely profiting off of that punter’s business, the worst that can happen is they will shut your account down. Known as being “gubbed”, it’s frustrating when this happens, but it’s nothing that will result in any legal trouble.

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Can You Make a Profit Matched Betting?

Yes. Not only is matched betting legal in 2022, but you can also make a massive profit from matched betting.

While most people are only doing this to bring in a little extra money a month, you can profit much higher, allowing you to quit your job and wager full-time. As long as you can do the maths and utilise the tools available, you stand to make some money. See our post – ways to make money matched betting!

There is plenty of profit available after welcome offers and more advanced strategies such as 2ups and horse racing extra places.

We list below the options for your next step, which is to sign up to a matched betting site so you can identify the offers you need. See our reviews section for more info.

We advise joining through the free trials on offer first so you can see their value before you sign up fully.

How Much Money Do You Need to Start Matched Betting?

However much you have available to set aside is enough to get you started. Obviously, the more you have in your account, the quicker you will make more significant profits. Still, a lot of money isn’t necessary, and you will eventually increase your earnings by running the offers.

See our post – Matched Betting With Only £10

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Can You Lose Money Matched Betting?

Unless you slip up or calculate wrong, you will not likely lose any money while matched betting.

The only thing to look out for that can cause you to make a mistake is a last-minute, drastic change in the odds. Such a change is relatively rare, but if it happens and you lose money (it’s improbable to lose the maximum bet amount), you will be able to make that loss back in no time at all.

Is Matched Betting Unethical?

With worrying if matched betting is legal, people can also tend to believe that matched betting is unethical or state that punters are “taking advantage” of bookmakers and the deals and promotions they offer. However, this is simply not the case. Even a William Hill insider has shared how they see no issues with the practice.

Those punters utilising free-bet promotions to make a profit are using the exact offers as everyone else; they are just playing them more intelligently.

You can think of it as coupons for grocery store shopping. Manufacturers will hand out many coupons that will save customers a lot of money on their product while potentially taking away from their profits. 

However, most people will pass up the coupon offer, but the marketing will still bring customers to the store, so the business profits from their promotions no matter what.

The same idea goes for matched betting. If bookies handed out 100 free-bet offers, maybe only ten will play it, and only one of those will play it with matched betting.

No one is trying to scam bookies or pull a fast one. Everything done to profit this way is on the up and up and shouldn’t make you look like a shady character.

If Matched Betting is Legal, Why Do People Use Separate Bank Accounts When Doing it?

Again, there’s nothing sinister going on when opening a separate bank account or using an e-wallet for matched betting. Honestly, it isn’t even a requirement, and it just makes life a little easier. 

First and foremost, having a separate account when wagering on bets will help separate your more significant bills and payments that are expected monthly from your earnings and wagers that may be deposited and withdrawn more sporadically.

The only other reason people will have their gambling accounts separate from their day-to-day bank account is if they are looking to apply for a big loan such as a mortgage. Many lenders tend to avoid loan requests from people with a lot of wagering on their bank statements.

Is Matched Betting Legal? Final Thoughts

No matter what rumours you may hear matched betting is not at all illegal, unethical, or a scam.

This way of (non-gambling) betting is a smart way to utilise promotions that have been legitimately given to you to turn a profit. There is no end in sight yet for matched betting!

If you are interested in learning how to participate in matched betting, go for it; maybe you can make it a career or at least an extremely profitable and exciting side income or job.

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