Matched betting without free bets

Matched Betting After Free Bets

Matched Betting After Free Bets.
5 Ways to do Matched Betting Without Free Bets.

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Matched betting is a fantastic way to earn extra income online without gambling. After the highly profitable welcome and reload offers, there is the potential for huge continuing profit (see our post on profiting after welcome offers).

What about matched betting without free bets? Is it also possible to earn good profit matched betting after free bets in other ways? Yes! This post looks into five ways to make profit matched betting after free bets.

Matched Betting Without Free Bets?

Matched betting without free bets is possible due to the various more advanced strategies with matched betting. Once you have finished with the highly profitable first few months of matched betting, there is every reason to continue and earn profit week in and week out.

Aside from reload offers that still utilise free bets (as available in the daily offer calendars for your matched betting site – see our guide to the free trials available here) and Casino, many other offers do not require the issuing of free bets. Instead, these offers exploit various conditions or promotions available.

It is crucial as a matched bettor to continue earning a profit after welcome offers and free bets, as there is plenty on offer, which allows us to continue for years to come.

Let’s look at five ways to profit from matched betting without free bets through Extra Places and Early Payout; Refund offers, Price Boosts and arbs.

Matched betting horse racing festivals can be highly profitable, including with many of the ways we discuss in this post, head here to see our new section devoted to it.

Matched Betting after Free Bets - Extra Places

Extra Places is an advanced strategy that involves matched betting without free bets and can be highly profitable. As a +EV offer, you won’t win money every time, but the minimal qualifying losses become swallowed up by great profit when you do.

You can find Extra Place opportunities pretty much every day of the year, and it involves betting on horse racing each way (betting on a horse to win or to place (finish in a few other places such as 2nd, 3rd or 4th) in a race).

When bookmakers offer extra places payouts and your horse finishes in one of these places, we can win big since we have not laid bets against these outcomes (and win only at the bookie). We accept the minimal qualifying loss each time we carry out this strategy (and don’t hit) since when we do, the profits can be significant (all without requiring free bets!).

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Matched Betting After Free Bets - Early Payout Offers (2up)

The Early Payout ‘2Up’ offer is similar to the horse racing extra places offer but instead is for football. It runs on major competitions such as the English Premier League, Champions League and major soccer competitions. The promotion is through the bookmakers Bet365 and Paddy Power.

Again, similarly to extra places, the offer does not require free bets and has unlimited payouts, so there is significant profit potential. We lose the minimal qualifying loss for each opportunity we take, but the offer is +EV overall.

The bookmaker promotion is that if your backed team goes two goals ahead (at any point in the game’s 90 minutes), they payout on the win regardless of the result. Importantly for the matched bettor, this means that even if that team goes on to draw or lose, the back bet is won, and thus it opens up the possibility of both the back bets and lay bets paying out!

As outlined fully in our guide to 2Ups, there are several strategies we can follow with the offer, which involve either cashing out a profit (for example, when 1 goal is scored, making the game 2:1) or sticking with it and hoping for what is known as a ‘full turnaround’, i.e. letting our bet ride out and the backed team drawing or losing, and in this case, resulting in big profit.

Matched Betting Without Free Bets - Refund Offers

Refund offers can be a fantastic way to earn profit matched betting after free bets. Rather than placing qualifying bets to receive a free bet, we receive the stake back in cash (once certain conditions are met).

There are not always common to find, but they can be highly profitable when you do. Typically seen with matched betting horse racing, such as at the big festivals, they are great to run.

For example, the Bet365 Grand National £125 refund offer is very profitable. On each Bet365 account, you can get up to £125 back on bets you place at the Grand National (link to the complete guide), and importantly you can run this alongside Extra places for extra income!

Matched Betting Without Free Bets - Price Boosts

Price boosts are another popular way to carry out matched betting without free bets. Price boosts are the enhanced offers on odds from bookmakers promoted from time to time.

These boosts can result in instant profit (as ever, this is regardless of the outcome, but without a need to use free bets!) when the back odds are higher than the lay odds at your betting exchange (we recommend Smarkets).

Price boosts can be a good option for quick, easy, and sometimes quite profitable returns (such as on gubbed accounts). However, account health is a factor as we try to avoid having our account restricted (‘gubbed‘) in the first place, and so we might not want to risk it when profits are low. We weigh up similar factors as we do with arbing (see below), which is very similar.

Matched Betting Without Free Bets - Arbing

Arbing or ‘Arbitrage’ is a way to make money matched betting without free bets. Similarly to price boosts, we can make an auto profit due to the odds at the bookmaker and exchange.

At times, there is a delay at the bookmaker in correctly updating odds on a specific market, and when these differ from the lay odds at a betting exchange, the back odds can be higher than the exchange lay odds. The odds are temporary, and they are clear to identify in your oddsmatcher (at the top of the list) as the odds match is 100%+ – this is an arb.

With arbs, we can place matched bets that instantly lock in profit, regardless of the outcome of an event and without using free bets. The only difference between a price boost and an arb is that a price boost is a deliberate promotional offer provided by a bookie. In contrast, an arb is an accidental occurrence (effectively a mistake) by the bookmaker with their odds.

The danger with arbing is that bookmakers are (perhaps not unsurprisingly) against it and will restrict your account quickly if you try it. We, therefore, recommend it only in particular circumstances (see our arb guide for more details), such as on accounts you don’t expect to use after welcome offers or that are already gubbed.

There are other ways to earn profit matched betting after free bets, such as different dutching (using multiple bookmakers to back and lay rather than a bookier/betting exchanges) techniques like ‘dutching bounty’ (each way dutching). With this technique, we back several selections (usually in horse racing betting) in one market (event) so that regardless of which horse wins, you make a profit. However, this is not an easy technique to calculate.

Casino offers are also a non-free bet way to gain profit, similarly to matched betting. Profit Accumulator has dedicated support and ensures you do not miss out on the extra profit from these less understood strategies.

We hope you have found this guide helpful. After sign-up offers, there remains consistent and significant profit matched betting with reloads, risk-free bets and other strategies. Matched betting without free bets plays an integral part in this, especially with the Early Payout and Extra Places offers. has further help to get started with matched betting; this includes beginner’s guides, tips & advice posts and advanced strategy guides. We also review the best matched betting sites. There is also a free email matched betting course for beginners.

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Earn Extra Income - Access our Free Resources to Learn Matched Betting Easily

Free email matched betting course & PDF Quick Start Guide. Click below for your free stuff. It's not complicated.