Outplayed.com vs Oddsmonkey

Outplayed.com Vs OddsMonkey Guide 2023

OUTPLAYED.com Vs OddsMonkey 2023 Guide

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If you want to try and decide which matched betting service to sign up for, this guide is for you. A matched betting site is worth it, so which one do you pick? If you choose from the big two, then OUTPLAYED.com Vs OddsMonkey is something worth looking at in more depth.

In this 2023 guide, we’ll hopefully provide you with everything you need to decide which matched betting site to use. 

To note – in April 2023 Oddsmonkey amended the price of their premium service to £34.99. In due course, the substantive effects of this change will be reflected throughout this post. 

Elsewhere we look across the board at the best matched betting sites, and here we concentrate on the big two, the most established faces on the scene. Btw, we recommend Smarkets for your matched betting – betting exchange of choice.

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    OUTPLAYED.com Vs OddsMonkey - Introduction

    As the main two matched betting sites, the debate about which one is best is long-running. It is worth stating right off the bat that both sites offer a great deal to the matched bettor, and it’s best not to panic if you have signed up to one and think you might have made the wrong choice.

    Elsewhere we have plenty of information on matched betting, including how to get started, but assuming now you know what it’s all about and are trying to decide who to sign up for, this post is for you.

    Please note – we’re signed up to all of the main matched betting sites’ affiliate schemes (if you sign up to these sites through my links, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you) so have no particular preference as to which one you choose, all information is aimed at helping you to make the decision right for yourself.

    Should you join OddsMonkey or OUTPLAYED.com? For a spoiler, before you read on further, we advise that Outplayed may be your best bet, but if you primarily focus on horse-racing offers, then it may be best to go with OddsMonkey.

    Availability of Matched Betting Offers

    It’s pretty well-established knowledge that OUTPLAYED.com tends to have more matched betting offers available, which in theory, means you will make more money if you join them. However, their membership fee is higher (see below).

    See further below for a more detailed look at the welcome and reload offers you will find info on from the sites.

    OUTPLAYED.com Vs OddsMonkey Membership Costs

    The two membership levels, Platinum and Premium, are the best to compare against.

    OUTPLAYED.com also offers a Diamond plan (£49.99/month) which provides more for casino and is more comparable to OddsMonkey Premium plus CasinoMonkey membership.

    It makes sense to trial services, and then once you are sure which way you want to go, your best to go for annual membership and take the savings as you will be earning profit from matched betting for a long time!

    A free trial of both services gives you an excellent opportunity to find out which one you prefer and to utilise the welcome offer guides from both sites.

    See the latest Promo Code for OddsMonkey below (still works in November 2023).

    OddsMonkey promo
    Premium benefits - November 2023

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    Both OUTPLAYED.com and OddsMonkey assume no previous knowledge of matched betting, with many guides and tutorials to explain how to get started. The sites help you pick up all the concepts, even if you have never placed a bet before.

    Each site has its advantages, and much of the decision comes down to a personal choice, but let’s delve into some key factors and differences between them to help make that decision easier!

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    OUTPLAYED.com Vs OddsMonkey - General Look

    OddsMonkey and OUTPLAYED.com (formerly Profit Accumulator) have a professional look when you sign in, and their dashboards are relatively easy to use and navigate. It could be said that the design of the OUTPLAYED.com site is slightly more professional-looking, but they both provide what you need and meet expectations.

    Use both OddsMonkey and OUTPLAYED.com?

    As a brief aside, as both services have advantages of their own and differ somewhat (in terms of the offers they provide), many in the matched betting community go down the route of signing up for both of the sites.

    Many do this during busy periods of matched betting, such as horse racing festivals like the Grand National or the Cheltenham Festival (See the latest guide here) This doesn’t, of course, stop you from cancelling one or the other once a festival is over.

    OUTPLAYED.com is definitely at times known for having some more horse racing / different offers, but the OddsMonkey matcher (especially for each-way horse racing markets) is well respected as a tool.

    OUTPLAYED.com Vs OddsMonkey - Offer Guides

    In terms of welcome offer guides (the first place for any newly starting matched bettor), OUTPLAYED.com and OddsMonkey have more than 45/50 welcome offer run-throughs, many of which are video guides.

    On the whole, OUTPLAYED.com seem to provide more detailed guides, but OddsMonkey still provides a great selection, and you will learn matched betting perfectly fine from either site, so it’s hard to separate them.

    There is plenty of profit to be had after welcome offers, so it is equally important that they both provide you with reload/daily offers.

    OUTPLAYED.com Vs OddsMonkey - Profit Tracking

    Both services have great profit tracking systems, OUTPLAYED.com tracker may look better, but the tracker has fantastic useability and integration.

    It’s beneficial to break down your profit by day, month, and by bookmaker. A feature lacking on OddsMonkey, however, is the balance sheet. Many matched bettors will find this helpful feature to keep track of their money.

    Matchedbettingfaqs.com has further help on getting started with matched betting; this includes beginner’s guides, tips and advice posts and advanced strategy guides. We also review the best matched betting sites. There is also a free email matched betting course for beginners.

    • To join OddsMonkey, click here (trial available).
    • To join OUTPLAYED.com, click here (trial available).

    Email: answers@matchedbettingfaqs.com for more help.

    OUTPLAYED.com Vs OddsMonkey - Oddsmatcher Tools

    When matched betting, there is no tool more important than the oddsmatcher. You won’t use anything more, so the tool is vital.

    For both services, the tools (basic matcher and more advanced each way/extra place matchers) are similar in terms of what they can do. But, with OUTPLAYED.com, we have a more sleek, attractive design that is more accessible for the beginner to navigate their way around (they are both fine, though).

    An advantage of OUTPLAYED.com is the preset and custom filters (for bet type and bookmaker). However, both have a similar look and functionality for their matched bet pop-ups. Both allow the useful laying of bets directly from the oddsmatcher once you linked your exchange account (this is usually how your promotional 0% commission renews, too!).

    In addition to odds matchers, both sites have extensive matched betting calculators (see our post on calculators here), which you will probably use independently from time to time and so it’s an advantage that they both have the more specialised calculators should you require them

    OUTPLAYED.com Vs OddsMonkey
    - Final Thoughts

    Both OUTPLAYED.com and OddsMonkey have their relative strengths and weaknesses but are fantastic options for the matched bettor. 

    The newly re-branded OUTPLAYED.com is fantastic for beginners, with its sleek design, functionality, and offers, but OddsMonkey isn’t far behind. OUTPLAYED.com tends to have more offers, but OddsMonkey has access to some that Outplayed does not, so you may want to sign up for both when you are completing welcome offers. OddsMonkey probably has an edge for horse racing matched betting, but OUTPLAYED.com is a great choice when you’re starting out.

    It’s probably best to try trials of each and see what is preferred, and for some periods, it doesn’t hurt to have both (such as March/April for matched betting Cheltenham and the Grand National).

    See below for links to their trials.