Matched Betting Grand National

Matched Betting Grand National Guide

Matched Betting Grand National

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This post will be updated again in early 2023 for the next Grand National event. For now, it is worth familiarising yourself with!

If you’re looking to make some extra money matched betting the Grand National (which culminates in 2022, with the big race on Saturday 9 April 2022), then this post is a great place to start.

This guide will give you tips on the best ways to profit from matched betting Grand National in 2022; whether you’re a seasoned matched bettor or a complete novice to horse race matched betting, read on for all the help you could need.

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The Grand National closely follows the Cheltenham festival in the horse racing calendar (Cheltenham is the biggest and most profitable week for matched bettors each year – see our complete Cheltenham guide here),

Don’t forget that with matched betting, choosing your betting exchange (we recommend Smarkets) and the best matched betting site to accompany this is just as important as deploying the right strategies and taking advantage of the best horse racing matched betting opportunities you will find.

The 2022 Randox Grand National Festival was on Thursday 7 – Saturday 9 April 2022, with over 150,000 attendees at the Aintree Racecourse.

Learn all you need to know to earn big matched betting at the Grand National this year.

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    What is Matched Betting?

    Recap – Matched betting isn’t gambling and is a way to earn extra money online by advantage of bookmaker promotions to lock in profits no matter the outcome of the sporting event. Legal and tax-free in the UK, once you get going it’s relatively easy to earn consistent profits.

    If you are new to matched betting, read more about getting started here.

    Matched Betting a Racing Festival as a Matched Betting Beginner

    One thing that undoubtedly is helpful for any racing meet is a healthy bankroll, then you can profit well matched betting Grand National Festival.

    You require a decent bankroll because the most profitable offer is the Extra Places offer (more on this below), and you need to have a decent amount of money in your betting exchange account to complete these offers. There will still be some more simple bet x, get y and refund offers available though.

    Matched Betting Cheltenham 2022

    Preparing for Matched Betting Grand National

    Familiarise yourself with the schedule for the days of the festival. Ensure you keep track of what’s happening and the bets you intend to place / the promotions you want to exploit.

    Be prepared for what’s coming and ensure you are fully aware of any requirements for promotional bets, such as placing them at set times before the start of a race, and minimum odds. Remember that in the profitable each way markets you will need to place several bets (usually one back bet and two lay bets) so this means several different calculations and bets in a short space of time.

    Follow these essential steps:

    1. Sign up to OddsMonkey, Profit Accumulator, or Profit Squirrel now.
    2. Familiarise yourself with the oddsmatcher for your matched betting site and if possible try some practice bets (recent experience at Cheltenham may mean this is not required).

    OddsMonkey has a fantastic extra places matcher which is really helpful for Cheltenham), as you will need a matched betting site to complete all the offers and it is worth familiarising yourself with how their sites work and what they offer (see our guide to the best matched betting sites).

    Sign up for our free matched betting course if you are unsure on the basics of matched betting.

    Earn Extra Income - Access our Free Resources to Learn Matched Betting Easily

    Free email matched betting course & PDF Quick Start Guide. Click below for your free stuff. It's not complicated.

    Being Organised and Keeping Track

    For tracking matched betting, a file on a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel may be your best option or consider Google sheets (easy to create and review documents online) which is great for staying aware of all your promotions, profits and bankroll.

    Good admin can reduce the risk of matched betting grand national causing you stress.

    High-quality bookmaker accounts (non-restricted) are key to profiting at a racing meet, especially if you are running more advanced strategies.

    A bet 365, Skybet, Coral, William Hill, and Ladbrokes are all great to have, as are other mainstay bookmakers. Established matched bettors are certain to receive refund and reload offers by email for the festival, and your matched betting site will provide guides on all of the daily offers that come up.

    It’s good to have as much money as possible in these leading bookmakers, and in your exchange ready to exploit these offers. If you can, it is wise to increase your bankroll in advance of the Grand National.

    Matched Betting Site and your Betting Exchange

    OddsMonkey is great for horse racing matched betting, and you will need their Premium account for the festival (the free account won’t be enough). Follow this link and use the code “OM50” for a half-price deal during March.

    The guides and tools on offer from a matched betting service are essential, and OddsMonkey, Profit Accumulator or  Profit Squirrel (another option) are imperative.

    The best for a betting exchange is Smarkets, and if you are signed up to OddsMonkey and place lay bets with their odds matched integration tool, you can receive the money saving 0% commission on an ongoing basis.

    How Much Money Do You Need Matched Betting Grand National and How Much Can You Earn?

    The more money you invest then, the better your profit potential. Matched betting is a return on investment strategy, therefore the more money you have available the more money you can make.

    The more high-quality bookmakers you have at your disposal, and the greater the bankroll the best chance you have of walking away with a significant boost to your matched betting profits after the festival.

    The usual standard matched betting, may provide you with more profit than a usual matched betting weekend but the primary value of the festival lies with placing each-way ‘Extra Places’ bets. 

    Extra Places Offers and Strategy

    Extra places is an excellent strategy for Matched Betting Grand National festival.

    • Find a tight match on the extra place matcher;
    • Back the win each way with a bookmaker;
    • Lay the win on the exchange;
    • Lay the place market on the exchange.

    Your matched betting service provides you with the details to find the right bets and place your extra places offer bets.

    The promotion is won if your horse lands in an extra place position that the bookmaker pays out. For example, a bookie might pay out on four places as standard, but in this race, payout on five places (they’re paying out on an ‘extra place’!).

    We can win big since covering our bets at the exchange would only cover the standard four places, and therefore if the horse lands in that fifth place (covered by the bookmaker but not covered by the exchange), we can hit a big profit (find as close a match to 100% to lower the qualifying loss, making the offer +EV overall).

    Use both OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator Matched Betting Grand National?

    Since both of these services have their advantages (in terms of what they offer), many matched bettors sign up to both of them for matched betting racing festivals (you can take advantage of free trials and also cancel one or the other once the festival is over).

    Aside from the big two, another option for a matched bettor is to sign up for Profit Squirrel’s Lifetime VIP service. This can be the ideal option for anyone who wants to make money matched betting but may not have the time to dedicate to it.

    Familiarising Yourself with Extra Places Before the Festival

    Matched betting on horses (particularly the extra places strategy) can feel quite complicated when you first start matched betting. If you are looking to make a decent profit from the festival, familiarising yourself with the Extra Places offer in advance can help.

    The Grand National festival can be profitable for the matched bettor, and usually, this is from a mix of refund offers and Extra Places opportunities.

    Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) – Price Boosts also can help you earn extra cash at the festival. Covering the whole field and combining liability are also useful techniques.

    See more info in our post on price boosts and for the other techniques within our Cheltenham Guide.

    We hope the guide has been a helpful introduction to matched betting the Grand National in 2022. has further help on getting started with matched betting; this includes beginner’s guides, tips and advice posts and advanced strategy guides. We also review the best matched betting sites. There is also a free email matched betting course for beginners.

    • To join OddsMonkey, simply click here (trial available).
    • To join Profit Accumulator, simply click here (trial available).
    • To join Profit Squirrel, simply click here (trial available).

    Email: for more help.

    Earn Extra Income - Access our Free Resources to Learn Matched Betting Easily

    Free email matched betting course & PDF Quick Start Guide. Click below for your free stuff. It's not complicated.