Bet365 4/1 offer ITV Races

Bet365 4/1 Offer

Bet365 4/1 Offer on ITV Races

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The Bet365 4/1 ITV racing offer is one of the best horse racing refund offers. With the promotion, you can earn up to £50 back if you lose a bet on specified ITV races (if you backed a winner at odds of 4/1 (5.0) or greater on the last ITV race).

Given that you will find ITV Racing on TV most days of the year, this is a very common promotion you can run. Rather than being a ‘mug’ and trying to exploit the offer gambling, as ever we recommend you do matched betting to guarantee yourself about £35 every time you use the up to £50 money back if your horse loses promotion.

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    Bet365 4/1 Offer - Introduction

    So what is the Bet365 4/1 Racing Offer? It is a simple offer, but it can confuse, so we hope this information will be helpful.

    Essentially the offer gives you money back on a lost ITV racehorse bet if you backed a winner at odds of 5.0 (or greater) on the previous race. As a matched bettor, we back a winner with our qualifying bet, and then if that horse wins, we earn our profit from the next race.

    The best strategy from the promotion is to achieve an auto profit with the risk-free bet we are credited; rather than hope the horse loses the race, we will show you the Bet465 4/1 offer strategy in this post.

    Bet365 4/1 offer

    The Bet365 4/1 Offer - Essential Details

    • This offer is not for everyone. It’s only for new and eligible Bet365 customers (if you see the offer in your Bet365 promotions when logged in, you will be able to participate in the offer).
    • The offer only applies to races live on ITV races.
    • We hope that our horse wins in our qualifying bet, and then if this happens, we place a calculated risk-free bet in the next race with guaranteed profit to the matched bettor.
    • The feature race offer and the ITV offer are separate. When you have a winner on the last feature race, you need to place your money back if it loses bet on the next feature race. If you have a winner on an ITV race, you need to place your money back if it loses bet on the following ITV race.
    • When you do back a winner at odds of 4/1 (5.0) or greater, you can then place another bet on the following specified race; if this bet loses, Bet365 will refund the total amount as cash.

    The best Bet365 4/1 offer strategy is to not gamble/bet on the loss but rather use maths to guarantee a profit.

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    How To Make A Profit From the Bet365 4/1 Racing Offer

    When they start match betting, many people do not take full advantage of the offer, which is a shame (especially for their profits). The Bet365 4/1 offer is explained below.

    For this offer, there are two stages:

    1. Qualifying bet
    2. Risk-Free Bet

    For the first qualifying bet, we back a horse (on an ITV race) with the bookmaker bet365 and lay that same horse on the bet in exchange for a minimal qualifying loss (with most refund offers, we have to qualify and keep these losses minimal). Remember, it must have odds of 5.0+.

    If this horse wins the race, you are credited with a risk-free bet for the next ITV race, which will earn you £35-40 profit.

    As with most horse racing promotions (such as BBL and Extra Places), the promotion works very well at big racing festivals, and you can even run the Extra Places offer at the same time.

    Although you can earn up to a £50 risk-free bet back from Bet365, if your bankroll is limited and you can’t hold up too much cash as liability in your betting exchange, you can reduce your stakes and still run the offer.

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    Bet365 4/1 Racing Offer - How to Place Your Bets (in Detail)

    The OddsMonkey racing matcher provides an excellent option for quickly finding your horse race matches betting for the Bet365 4/1 Offer.

    Profit Accumulator offers a similar tool, and the example below should still help you complete the offer (once you identify the correct races, there is nothing complicated about running the offer, so it should be relatively straightforward on any matched betting service (helpful link to all the trials available).

    Load up the OddsMonkey racing matcher, which will more than likely be preset to Bet365 – £50 – Risk-free bet if you back a winner at 4/1 or more.

    If not, you can select this and other filters and preferences, selecting your race/s – see below.

    oddsmonkey racing matcher

    Ensure that the Bet365 4/1 offer is highlighted and lists all the relevant horse races; it will search through every market on the
    exchange and identify the best matches for you. You are also able to select a race individually.

    Keep the minimum odds at 5.0 and keep the maximum odds unchanged. Select the betting exchange/s that you want to use for this offer.

    Click ‘apply/refresh’ and all matched betting opportunities for the race/s selected will appear.

    The racing matcher will then provide you with everything you need, along the lines of the usual matcher, such as the times of the racing meet and the full information on each matched bet opportunity.

    This includes the back stake, the amount of liquidity available, and the match rating, which directly relates to how much of a qualifying loss you will take with that horse. A 100% match would mean a £0 qualifying loss (with the top of the list entries having the highest rating and most negligible loss).

    The simple calculation and information you need will pop up when you click on the calculator symbol.

    OddsMonkey Racing Matcher Calculator

    As you would with any other matched bet, you then need to place the back stake with the bookmaker (Bet365) and Lay the bet at your betting exchange (bear in mind the liability you require to place your bet). The bottom of the calculator pop up shows you what happens with each outcome (slight qualifying loss either way).

    We recommend linking your matched betting site with Smarkets, and if using OddsMonkey, you will be getting 0% commission by using this function (which is a no-brainer) which is also much speedier.

    So, to benefit from your matched bet and run the offer, you sacrifice this small qualifying loss in the hope that your selected horse goes on to win the race. If this happens, then Bet365 credits you with a risk-free bet.

    The automatically credited (Bet365 account) risk-free bet will be for the next ITV race, and it will only be possible to use it on that race. You must use the same stake as your qualifying horse matched bet (which was at odds of 5.0 or above). Use your matched betting service (usually reload offers page) or bookmaker to monitor the list of races to find the one you require.

    Do not expect to receive a notification of this risk-free bet award from Bet365! You must manually check the races that day and find the right opportunity to take up that risk-free bet (it is not a free bet!).

    Use the standard odds matcher to find the best horse within that race, selecting Bet365 and your stake and follow the normal risk-free bet process (a regular matched bet but choose ‘risk-free bet’ in the odds matcher calculator.

    Close to the start of the (ITV race) event, there will be a greater choice and better matches (with more appropriate odds around the 4.0 mark, so our liability required in the exchange is manageable, too) – in that race – to exploit the offer to its fullest.

    Choose the best match in the odds matcher and, again, make sure you select a risk-free bet!

    For “free bet award”, enter your stake (most likely £50, but whatever it was, you did up to this amount). For “free bet retention”, add in 100 since, technically, the bookmaker is refunding you the full amount if the horse you’re backing now doesn’t win the race (but the calculation here will guarantee you profit no matter what happens).

    Place your back bet and lay bet, and once they settle – enjoy your profit from the offer!

    We hope you have found this post useful. In a similar way to the Beaten by a Length promotion, it’s a great offer for matched betting horse racing.

    Remember, the Bet365 4/1 offer is super profitable, and you can run it alongside your extra places bets, which also has the advantage of keeping your liability under control (combined liability).

    It makes sense to run the offer at large horse racing festivals such as Cheltenham, the Grand National and Royal Ascot, with multiple ways to profit such as extra place winnings, winning risk-free bets and perhaps refund offers (such as the Bet365 £125 offer).

    If you haven’t done so already, then follow these essential steps to get started with horse racing matched betting:

    1. Sign up for Profit Accumulator, OddsMonkey, or Profit Squirrel now.
    2. Familiarise yourself with your oddsmatcher and if possible try some practice each way horse racing matched bets.

    OddsMonkey has a fantastic extra places matcher which is really helpful.

    Earn Extra Income - Access our Free Resources to Learn Matched Betting Easily

    Free email matched betting course & PDF Quick Start Guide. Click below for your free stuff. It's not complicated.