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Casino offers - Learn and Deliver Extra Profit in 2022

Casino offers matched betting

Matched betting Casino offers, such as free spins, are perfect for when you complete your welcome offers and perhaps your re-loads are not providing you with too much volume.  

These offers are different to your sport matched welcome betting offers but do represent a lot of value.

Complete these after your welcome offers, and they range from guaranteed profit offers to higher risk plus-EV offers. they represent part of the huge profit you can earn after welcome offers.

More often than not, you will complete free spins and earn cash. Once these free spins are fully wagered, actual cash profit can then be withdrawn.

With over 100 online UK casinos, there is a lot of targeting to try and get new customers, and a big part of this is through casino offers.

In a similar fashion to the standard matched betting welcome offers, whereby bookmakers offer you free bets and price boosts, casinos give out free spins, bonuses, and cashback.

As with normal matched betting on sport, it’s best to never complete Casino offers without using the free offers; always ensure you don’t get tempted to gamble.

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Matched Betting Casino Offers -
How Much Money can be Made?

Casino can be worked through at any time and should represent around £400 in initial profits.

There are undoubtedly additional factors you have to take into account with Casino offers, such as wagering requirements and how to navigate spins and other games.

Profits from casino offers can be excellent, but you have to consider the element of risk in a way you don’t have to with welcome and reload offers.

Unlike regular matched betting, it’s important to remember the results from casino offers are in no way guaranteed, and it’s why we have to identify and run +EV offers only and turn the table on the online casinos.

Expect to carry out offers whereby in one instance you win £15, another you win £20, and on another, you lose £2. You carry overall profit, but unlike simple matched betting, there is variance. The potential for significant profit is high, but care is required.

Be careful of Casino Wagering Requirements

Terms and conditions of offers are even more critical with Casino offers. You will often find that wagering requirements factor heavily.

These requirements mean that when you receive a bonus, you often cannot withdraw that amount in real cash until you have wagered (placed more bets/run more spins) a certain amount. 

Always, therefore, be cautious of the bonus offers advertised by Casinos (and only carry out offers from a matched betting service). As ever, they want to lure you in with an appealing proposition, but if they come with hefty wagering requirements, then there is every chance they are not as attractive as first thought, and at the very least, will take a large part of your bankroll or time and effort to complete.

For example, if you receive a £10 bonus with 10x wagering requirements before you can withdraw profit, you have to have wagered an additional £100.

Another tricky issue for beginner matched bettors, new to Casino is doing the spins; you must stop when the free offer – free spins run out as if you are not careful you can effortlessly (in a bad sense!) start using your own cash, which instantly becomes unprofitable (long-run minus EV)!

Final Thoughts - Casino Offers

Be cautious with Casino offers but don’t be put off; there is great value to be made. I recommend OddsMonkey as they also have a lot of detailed guidance and a dedicated Casino Hub. Try checking out their information and extensive free guides to ensure you don’t go wrong with the offers. Also, see our information on the Best matched betting sites.

It’s essential to check out Casino, as to ignore this area when you do matched betting is to miss out on huge profit!

Coming later in 2022 – more enhanced Casino guidance.

Earn Extra Income - Access our Free Resources to Learn Matched Betting Easily

Free email matched betting course & PDF Quick Start Guide. Click below for your free stuff. It's not complicated.