How much money can you make matched betting in 2022

How much can you make from Matched Betting?

How much can you make from Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is an excellent source of extra income and a great side hustle, but how much can you make from matched betting in 2022?

In this post, we’re going to explore how much money you can earn and the things you need to consider as you start out or perhaps after you have completed the welcome sign up offers.

As an entirely legal way to earn money online, matched betting has become much more popular in the last five years since its early beginnings in the 2000s.
If you are over 18 and living in the UK, you should not have any problems getting started with it, but a few pointers never hurt anyone, right!
You can earn £1,000 in your first month of matched betting alone, and the profit can continue long after this. Let’s delve into this further and explore how much you can earn and what steps you need to take/what you need to consider.
Matched bettors tend to use services like OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator daily to find matched betting opportunities and through the back and lay bets to achieve regular profit, but how much can you earn in 2022?


How much money does it take to get started matched betting?

Related to how much money you can earn is how much money it takes to start. There is little barrier to entry with matched betting. Your initial investment can be as low as £50 (or even less in theory), but it will simply just take longer to earn your profits, and around £100 should be sufficient to get the ball rolling.

A factor to consider is that you need a balance in your betting exchange (such as Smarkets) to lay your bets and have your liabilities covered. It takes longer if you have to wait for one or several bets to settle before making further bets, but you can start with very little money and still earn a great deal of profit.

Something more in the £75-£100 ballpark as starting balance for matched betting is advisable, or more if this is affordable to you. Split this balance between your exchange and being ready for depositing in new bookmakers.

Be conscious that depending upon results from matched bets, your money can move around from the bookmaker and exchange, meaning you may need to redeposit or move money around.

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A Matched Betting Site to get the Offers You Need

We list below the options for your next step, which is to sign up to a matched betting site so you can identify the offers you need. See our reviews section for more info.

We advise joining through the free trials on offer first so you can see their value before you sign up fully.

Matched Betting Qualifying Losses

You will incur qualifying losses when you carry out matched betting (a normal part of the process). Still, these losses are swallowed up in each matched bet by the profit you receive as a result and so do not impact how much you can make from matched betting but are merely a part of the process. 

*If you have not started yet, then check out details on your first £15-18 of profit for free here, and consider signing up to the free email matched betting beginner’s course*

Quick searches online will find multiple real-life stories in which people have become super-rich or at the very least have found matched betting to be an excellent side hustle or addition to their primary incomes.

With just a few hours each evening, it’s perfectly possible to earn £500-£1,000 in your first month from welcome offers alone.

Matched Betting Beginner to Experienced Earner

When you start as a beginner, there’s a learning curve, and you are bound to make some mistakes. Still, through taking on board some essential tips and advice and understanding the various calculators and spreadsheets, you can perfect your approach and ensure consistent profit is coming your way.

We have also prepared a list of the top 10 tips for when you start matched betting.

In moving on to accumulator bets and more complicated strategies, the right tools ensure that the profit you make remains uncapped.

An odds matcher such as the OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher is essential so that you maximise the time you have and so you can find the opportunities you need speedily and without fuss.

As you begin to gain valuable experience and perfect the technique and get quicker, your effective hourly rate will increase, and you should be able to maintain at least a steady £400-£500 each month, which equates to at least £5,000; per year in tax-free profit! This total will vary with how many hours you throw at it, but it’s entirely reasonable for achieving.

Some associated costs include a matched betting service. Why not check out my:

Though there is a cost for these services, for one, they remove the commission you would pay (on every lay bet you make); otherwise, at the exchange, if you didn’t have them.

After a few weeks, you’ll find the consistency you need, and how much you can make from matched betting is directly related to how effectively you build up your experience and bankroll!

Profit Beyond Welcome Offers

Beyond welcome offers, matched betting continues. There is profit after sign up offers in the form of reloads and daily opportunities.

Matched betting services share with you offers each day that typically can provide anything from between £15-£35 (as a rough guide, of course), and running casino offers also means that the profit can keep steadily accumulating. 

Weekly bet clubs also offer steady profit, and it can be a big mistake to ignore them.

Once you move past your first few months, you can start more advanced matched betting techniques such as 2 Ups. 

The matched betting 2up strategy (Early Payout offer) and the horse racing extra places offer provides a massive profit potential. With minimal qualifying losses, you have the potential to earn hundreds of pounds. With some tenacity and patience, it’s a sure-fire way to increase your profit in the long run hugely.

There is little doubt that in 2022, a significant number of people in the UK will be matched betting full time.

These individuals are likely multi-accounting since, after years of matched betting, they will likely have been ‘gubbed’ from many bookmaker accounts (that is to say, stake restricted or banned from promotions at certain bookmakers).

Final Thoughts

If you intend to start matched betting for some extra side income, or you are looking to start full time for a living, there is a considerable amount of profit to be made, and in multiple different ways.

How much money can you make from matched betting? In the first few months, there is a large amount of relatively easy profit to be made (between £500-£1,000 should be reasonably easy to accomplish). Profit continues for long after with reloads, daily offers, and more advanced strategies.

If you remain savvy, use the tools and strategies available to you, and dedicate regular time to it, then matched betting can help you earn massive amounts of extra income. It’s most definitely not dying in 2022!

So, how much you can make from matched betting? It’s really up to you, but the real plus point is that this is mainly reliant upon how many hours you can throw at it.

Matched betting is a perfect way to supplement your income, perhaps helping you save for that house deposit or the summer holiday you have been planning. Take your time to read through the guidance and help on the site, and then try a trial with matched betting service, good luck!

Earn Extra Income - Access our Free Resources to Learn Matched Betting Easily

Free email matched betting course & PDF Quick Start Guide. Click below for your free stuff. It's not complicated.

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