Matched Betting Royal Ascot 2022

Matched Betting Royal Ascot

Matched Betting Royal Ascot 2022

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If you’re looking to make some extra money matched betting horse racing then matched Betting Royal Ascot is a great idea.

Following closely after Cheltenham and the Grand National, this post is a great place to find out what you need to know about the festival.

This guide will give you tips on the best ways to profit from matched betting at Royal Ascot in 2022; whether you’re a seasoned matched bettor or a complete matched betting novice when it comes to horse racing, read on for all the help you could need.

Matched betting Royal Ascot 2022

Royal Ascot closely follows the Cheltenham Festival (Cheltenham is the biggest and most profitable week for matched bettors each year – see our complete Cheltenham guide here) and the Grand National, in the horse racing calendar and Glorious Goodwood (at the end of July) complete the set of the major horse racing events to watch for when you’re a Matched Bettor.

These festivals are so profitable because bookmakers give much more competitive odds, money back (refund offer) special promotions, refund offers, and additional ‘extra place races’.

The 2022 Royal Ascot event will take place on Tuesday 14th – Saturday 18th June, with 40-50,000 attendees expected to attend the Ascot Racecourse.

The race schedule/times can be found here.

Royal Ascot presents a spellbinding explosion of the senses, featuring an all-star cast, unparalleled racing and exquisite Fine Dining.

We can earn our profits matched betting royal ascot 2022 online! Learn all you need to know to earn big matched betting at Royal Ascot this year in this post, and to find more posts on matched betting horse racing festivals, see our new section here.

Don’t forget that with matched betting, choosing your betting exchange (we recommend Smarkets) and Profit Accumulator as the best matched betting site to accompany this, it’s just as important as deploying the right strategies and taking advantage of the best horse racing matched betting opportunities you will find.

Matched Betting a Racing Festival as a Matched Betting Beginner

For any racing meet, it’s helpful to have a healthy bankroll, this way you can profit well, matched betting Royal Ascot.

You require a decent bankroll because as ever with horse racing, the most profitable offers will be the Extra Places offer. A decent amount of cash in your betting exchange account will allow you to complete these offers. There will still be some more simple bet x, get y and refund offers available too, as well as the profitable Bet365 4/1 Offer.

Matched Betting Cheltenham 2022

Preparing for Matched Betting Royal Ascot

It is helpful to familiarise yourself with the racing schedule before it begins and keep track of what will be going on and the promotions you want to exploit.

It pays to be aware of any promotion requirements, such as set times to place bets prior to the start of a race, and the minimum odds needed. Some races are also considered the ‘highlight’ of each racing day so it’s worth knowing these as you will probably find the best offers to run here.

Follow these essential steps:

  1. Sign up for Profit Accumulator, OddsMonkey, or Profit Squirrel.
  2. Familiarise yourself with their odds matcher software and try some practice bets (recent experience at the Grand National may mean this is not required).

OddsMonkey has a fantastic extra places matcher which is really helpful, and it’s good to familiarise yourself with how their sites work and what they offer (see our guide to the best matched betting sites if you want to know more).

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Being Organised, Keeping Track and Ready for Royal Ascot 2022

Matched betting at Royal Ascot and other racing festivals requires remaining organised and maintaining a spreadsheet on Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel is essential. This way, you will keep aware of all your promotions, profits and bankroll.

High-quality (non-restricted) bookmaker accounts are important, especially if running more advanced strategies and promotions, such as the Bet365 4/1 Offer.

A Coral, William Hill, Bet365, Skybet and Ladbrokes account are all great. Established matched bettors will receive a refund and reload offer by email for the festival.

Ensure you well utilise your matched betting site before and during Royal Ascot. The daily offers calendar will give you details of all the offers available.

Keep track of your bankroll at all times, and ensure that you have as much money as possible in the leading bookmakers and your betting exchange (ready to exploit these offers). If your bankroll is low, it is probably good to increase it in advance of the Royal Ascot races.

How Much Money Do You Need Matched Betting Royal Ascot and How Much Can You Earn?

The more money you invest in your matched betting the higher profit potential you have. Matched betting is a return on investment strategy.

Also, the higher number of good quality bookies you have at your disposal, (as well as the greater the bankroll) the best chance you will have of walking away with a significant boost to your matched betting profits, especially when combining offers.

The standard matched betting during the weekend will bring in more profit than normal, however, but the primary value of large festivals lies with placing each-way ‘Extra Places’ bets. 

Try not to be too limited by your betting exchange balance by utilising shared (or ‘combined’) liability. Get more offers done and make more profits! A useful post on this topic from Profit Accumulator can be found here.

Extra Places Offers and Strategy

Extra places (link to full guide) is a fantastic horse racing strategy for matched betting festivals and Royal Ascot in 2022.

To run the strategy:

  • Identify a tight match on the extra place matcher;
  • Back the win each way with the bookmaker;
  • Lay the win on the betting exchange;
  • Lay the place market on the exchange.

Your matched betting service and their tools will provide you with all the information you need to find the right bets and profit from the promotion.

The promotion is won if your horse lands in an extra place position that the bookmaker pays out (but that isn’t laid off at the exchange). For example, a bookmaker such as Bet365 might payout on four places as standard, but in this race, payout on five or even six places (they’re paying out ‘extra places’!).

We can win big when our lay bets at the exchange only cover the standard four places, and therefore if the horse lands in that fifth place (covered by the bookmaker but not covered by the exchange), we can hit a big profit (find as close a match to 100% to lower the qualifying loss, making the offer +EV overall) as we get the full profit a complete gamble would have received*.

*there is no gamble for us, as if the horse finishes in the any of the normal places then we have laid this off so we only face the loss of the minimal qualifying bet (effectively the charge to run the offer).

Familiarising Yourself with Extra Places Before the Festival

If you are more familiar with football and just starting out, it is true that matched betting on horses can feel quite complicated at first (particularly the extra places strategy).

If you are looking to lock in a decent profit from matched betting Royal Ascot 2o22, then familiarising yourself with the Extra Places offer in advance can help.

Racing festivals can be highly profitable for the matched bettor, and usually, this is from a mix of risk-free / refund offers (such as the ITV races 4/1 offer) and Extra Places.

It makes sense wherever possible to complete the more simple (guaranteed profit) offers first, such as your bread and butter ‘bet x, get x’, free bets, and risk-free refunds (such as if your horse loses). This avoids difficulties from having your bankroll held up in liability when you need it for more complex offers.

You can also earn from price boosts. Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) also can help you earn extra profit matched betting Royal Ascot 2022. Covering the whole field and combining (or shared) liability (see above) are also useful tactics.

We hope the guide has been a helpful introduction to matched betting Royal Ascot in 2022. has further help on getting started with matched betting; this includes beginner’s guides, tips and advice posts and advanced strategy guides. We also review the best matched betting sites. There is also a free email matched betting course for beginners.

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Earn Extra Income - Access our Free Resources to Learn Matched Betting Easily

Free email matched betting course & PDF Quick Start Guide. Click below for your free stuff. It's not complicated.