Should I use a VPN Matched Betting

Should I use a VPN Matched Betting?

Should I use a VPN Matched Betting -
What is a VPN?

In this post, we explore matched betting with a VPN. We look at what a VPN is and how it’s used and ask if you should use a VPN when matched betting and look at if you can matched betting abroad, and if using a VPN to help do this is sensible.

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    So why are we talking about VPNs and matched betting? The primary reason these are linked is the usage of VPNs with matched betting, which we are going to explore, as we consider the reasons why some choose to connect through a VPN.

    We will also look at the question, can you do matched betting abroad and what the VPN considerations are for this.

    Matched Betting and VPNs, should I use a VPN Matched Betting?

    Unlike some commentators, you will find within the community (that I am sad to say are in the same breath linking to their VPN affiliate link), it may be best not to use a VPN since in multiple ways to do so contravenes the terms and conditions of bookmakers. 

    The first instance that VPN use occurs with matched betting is when matched betting abroad, and the second is the activity of ‘gnoming’ (or multi-accounting). 

    This post aims to advise and equip, and it’s up to you what you do. Still, the casual advice about using VPN in the community can be damaging and put matched bettings’ standing and reputation in murky water, especially as the standard claim of ‘risk-free’ activity is made in the same breath by commentators who advise the use of a VPN. 

    Avoiding anything that breaks the terms and conditions of bookmakers is vital. It’s essential to be aware of what can happen if a bookmaker catches you or suspects you are using one, even for those who commonly use a VPN. They are in a legal position to take the strongest sanctions against you (way beyond the normal gubbing that occurs because you have taken value instead of having broken any rules or laws). 

    Bookmakers can and will withhold winnings, which could have a more significant financial hit on you than it would on a mug bettor! They could also close your account with little or no warning.

    Should I use a VPN when matched betting?

    As described by Wikipedia, a virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network. It enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks safely.

    Encryption is standard, although not inherent, part of a VPN connection and its use is relatively common across the internet, both for personal use and work/career. These days people are concerned about online security to a greater degree than before and turn to extra security measures for their online activity. 

    Creating a private network away from your home location adds security and a degree of location anonymity prized by many.

    A VPN does this by effectively masking your IP address, keeps your activity more private and generally increases your online security. 


    With all this said, let’s provide more information and explore why and how those matched betting may be using a VPN so you can make an informed choice by knowing the risks and potential benefits (despite our feeling that the risks outweigh these).

    Can you do Matched Betting abroad?

    We all know that a consistent approach day in, day out, week in week out is how to achieve regular profits for matched betting, but what happens when you want to go on holiday? Can you do matched betting abroad or do you put on hold your profit? 

    Using a VPN can allow matched betting to continue when abroad, even though this is against the conditions of a bookmaker (and would usually be noticed by their IT systems when you try to log on). 

    Continuing your activities and regular profit even whilst abroad on holiday sounds very tempting, as a few hours by the pool in the sun sounds like a good way to go alongside your usual computer time!

    The risk here is significant, as not only are you likely breaking the terms and conditions of a bookmaker, but you may also be pushing your luck on a key element that we in the community stress, that matched betting is legal! 

    If you are gambling in a country where gambling is prohibited, then you may simply be breaking the law (sure, you may not get caught, but what if you did?). It’s hard for us to sell the benefits of matched betting (even in passing with our friends) if we carry out activities that hold significant risk. 


    Matched Betting in the USA from the UK?

    It is possible theoretically to matched bet in the USA through a VPN from the UK.

    There is no specific reason matched betting in the USA should not be possible for the UK matched bettor.

    The offers in America for the UK based matched bettor are incredible. A matched betting service could not currently identify relevant opportunities or deals, so that it would be a much more manual process. Given the great promotions, it might still be worth it.

    Remember – a matched betting service is a no-brainer; why not take a look at our review of the best matched betting sites in 2022.

    VPN Risks with Matched Betting

    It’s worth knowing that some bookmakers will have the technical ability to recognise that you are using a VPN, and you may get banned or sanctioned (as mentioned above), and worst still, from your most valuable accounts like bet365 (very valuable for the 2up offer)! 

    There are risks within the UK, and even for those who typically use a VPN every day online, and if you use a VPN within the UK whilst matched betting (known as spoofing).

    There are associated risks with gnoming (multi-accounting), which we’ll look at now.

    Gnoming Matched Betting

    Gnoming matched betting, or multi-accounting (which is known by the bookmakers), is a way to abuse their offers by setting up multiple accounts under your own details or with the details of friends and family. 

    This highly suspicious activity (multiple details provided from the same address) is against all associated rules and strongly discouraged. Some bookmakers, such as bet365, may allow you to have multiple accounts from the same household, but most will not allow this. 

    Multi-accounting in any form has enormous advantages in terms of multiplying your profit. Caution is required. With multiple accounts under your name being a big no-no, quite simply, it’s fraud! So, should I use a VPN when matched betting?

    Should I use a VPN Matched Betting?

    For regular internet activities, there can be a lot of benefits, and it is certainly not unusual nor in any way suspicious to use one, the problems come when you use them to circumvent the terms, conditions and even laws of a country to matched bet.

    We think it is self-evident that this should be avoided but hope that the information here helps you make an informed decision on this, and about the matched betting vpn.

    Suppose if you are thinking of matched betting abroad. In that case, it is worth fully considering your options and whether you should attempt it before logging on without the know-how, as you are putting the longevity of your extra income at risk.

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