Matched Betting Abroad

Can You Do Matched Betting Abroad?

Can You Do Matched Betting Abroad?

In this post, we explore the question of can you can do matched betting abroad. We look at the legality of matched betting, explore how to ensure you stay safe, and consider the obstacles to match betting in other countries. 

We look at other countries here for comparison purposes, but the site targets those living in the United Kingdom.

If you are thinking of matched betting abroad, you may also find helpful our guidance on using a VPN for matched betting.

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Is Matched Betting Legal and in What Countries Might You Run into Difficulties?

Matched betting is legal and not a scam. The post looks more in-depth around the topic to provide reassurance, and we look at matched betting in different countries (such as matched betting USA) and touch upon multi-accounting and safe matched betting.
Although legal in the UK, it’s important to know the legality of matched betting dependent upon where you live.
In most countries in Europe and North America, it’s not illegal or otherwise regulated as a form of gambling, but this may not be true where you live.
There are always risks for some who might start gambling and run up hefty debts, but so long as you’re careful about what bets you place and keep to the principles of matched betting, then there should be no issues. If you’re unsure where to start, why not check out our top 10 tips for matched betting.

Is Matched Betting Illegal in the US and around the World? Matched Betting Abroad

In the UK, matched betting is explicitly allowed by law since it involves only completely legal bets. In Ireland, it is considered a form of gambling and falls under gaming legislation rather than the betting act.

Is matched betting illegal in Australia? The Australian Government has stated that matched betting does not contravene any laws in Australia, but this may change at some point in time depending on whether or not various jurisdictions review their current stance on bookmakers and other forms of gambling.

Matched Betting USA

Can you do matched betting abroad, is it illegal in the United States? The US has no explicit rules against using this practice, but placing bets with sportsbooks located overseas may cause you issues.

So long as you don’t break any state-specific anti-gambling regulations, which exist mainly in places like Arizona, Connecticut, Louisiana and Washington State, you are likely not breaking the law if you carry out matched betting. However, laws do differ from state to state, so it’s always worth checking out more local information.

In addition to matched betting USA, it’s also possible theoretically to match bet united states sites through a VPN. There is no specific reason matched betting in the united states should not be possible based in the UK, and the offers in America for the UK based matched bettor are incredible.

If you are matched betting abroad then why not try out Profit Duel (Oddsmonkey in America), use our link here: ProfitDuel

Without a matched betting service it can be incredibly hard and time-consuming to identify relevant opportunities or deals, so that it would be a much more manual process. However, given the great promotions, it might still be worth it.

Matched Betting in Canada and India

Is matched betting illegal in Canada and India? In Canada, betting with sportsbooks located overseas is unlawful, and Canadians cannot use this practice to bet with overseas bookmakers, so they must stay with local options.

In India, this is also the case and it’s therefore best to get further advice locally before starting matched betting, to ensure it’s legal and there won’t cause you any issues.

It’s not a crime for residents of these countries to place bets using matched betting strategies, but caution with governments’ rules around this type of betting behaviour is required. 


Multi-accounting and Matched Betting

It’s the advice of the site to not matched bet with multiple accounts. It’s legal to carry out matched betting with your accounts, but things start to get much murkier in using more than one account for the same site.

Holding multiple accounts in the names of other people you know, such as friends and family, is called multi-accounting or gnoming.

Despite not offering legal advice, we advise you never to try to break or circumvent bookmakers’ rules and terms and conditions. Though the information we provide isn’t trying to dissuade you, it aims to add to the big picture regarding how legal matched betting is.

Matched betting multi-accounting is not the way to go, especially when similar details are provided from the same address and can put you at risk of being involved in fraudulent activities.

Though we may get value from bookmakers, this should always happen in a fully legal way. Though it may be a grey area whether using other accounts with friends and family members’ details and with their permission is legal or not, it’s most definitely illegal to use details without permission.

Regardless of whether there is any possibility that a particular activity is not strictly illegal, we can only advise you to be very careful with multi-accounting, not least because of the associated risks to you personally as well as financially.

Keeping Matched Betting Safe

Matched betting is legal in the UK, but despite this, it’s easy for some people to question its legitimacy due to the very nature of matched betting.

Due to the guaranteed profit for welcome offers, some claim it to be “too good to be true”, and there’s a certain guilt by association given its title and quite simply the word ‘betting’! A high level of activity with bookmakers result in suspicions around matched betting.

Despite the assurances here, it makes sense always to be careful. To avoid being scammed, make sure that you sign up with a sportsbook and specialist matched betting service that has been in business for at least five years.

OddsMonkey (click for review) and Profit Accumulator (click for review) are fantastic sources of information. The tools and detailed guidance they provide reduces fears associated with matched betting. 

In addition to a VPN with matched betting, some use a separate bank account or eWallet, whilst others keep to their usual banking and maintain a spreadsheet alongside the matched betting sites’ profit tracker.

It is worth considering your approach as you start matched betting, but be reassured that matched betting is entirely legal in the UK!

If you are matched betting abroad then why not try out Profit Duel (Oddsmonkey in America), use our link here: ProfitDuel

Final thoughts

Done correctly, matched betting is fully legal and safe in the UK. It’s not in any way a scam, nor in our opinion should it have a negative perception or any guilt by association. Even though you are likely to be restricted or banned by bookmakers in due course, this is because you are beating them at their own game and taking value. 

Countries such as Malta and France have banned or restricted matched betting. In other countries such as Australia, UK and Ireland, regulations depend on the type of activity.

By matched betting the right way and by following all laws, terms and conditions, you can ensure you stay safe online and enjoy massive profit from matched betting.

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