Matched Betting 2up Strategy

Matched Betting 2up Strategy

Matched Betting 2up Strategy - Earn Big Profit Now With the Early Payout Offer!

The matched betting 2up strategy (Early Payout) involves a matched bet (usually on a selected football match), and it’s triggered when you receive an early payout when the team goes 2-Up. 

Once you have completed your welcome offers, bookmakers such as Paddy Power and bet365 offer the opportunity to carry out this excellent strategy on top-flight football leagues and major competitions.

2up Strategy - Great Potential for Profit

Matched betting 2up strategy provides the potential to profit significantly through both your back and lay bet ‘winning’ if the backed side comes back to draw or win!

You can choose to lock in profits from the improved odds when a goal is clawed back (such as when an away goal takes the game to 2.1) or wait for a full turnaround.

Profits can be huge when both your back and lay bet win, especially given you set your bet amounts with 2ups!

This post will delve into the Early Payout 2up offer, giving you all the information you need to run the offer and achieve significant profits from it successfully.

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    Perfect Strategy to Follow after Completing Welcome and Reload Offers

    More advanced than welcome or reload offers, considerable profits are to be made from this strategy. Care is required as well as a decent bankroll and plenty of patience. 2ups have similarities with the horse racing extra places offer

    We carefully select opportunities from the odds matcher and utilise the ‘normal’ matched betting calculator to calculate them. If the strategy is triggered in-game, we use an early payout calculator to carry out the strategy.

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    Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Opportunites and Placing your Matched Bet

    Step 1

    Receive details by email or find a matched 2up Early Payout opportunity through an odds matcher for your selected bookmaker/s and exchange.

    Step 2

    Check that the back and lay odds remain closely matched to minimise your qualifying loss.

    Step 3

    Ensure you have relevant funds in your bookmaker (bet365 or Paddy Power for football) and that the market (sporting event) states that it’s ‘Early Payout’.

    Also, be sure you have enough funds in your Exchange account (to cover the liability).

    Step 4

    Once you have found your suitable matched bet (at higher odds within reason – to maximise profits), use the matched betting calculator (‘normal’ mode) to ensure you have the correct details.

    Step 5

    Place your BACK bet at the bookmaker and LAY the opposing bet at the exchange. We recommend Smarkets for placing your lay bets.

    MAtched Betting 2up Strategy - Finding Opportunities

    To find Early Payout matched betting 2up offers, set the odds matcher (such as the OddsMonkey oddsmatcher) for a close match and limit to bet365 or Paddy Power with your exchange/s of choice.

    When setting the match rating, it’s best to go for 97%+ to ensure close matches resulting in low qualifying losses.

    After applying and saving the filter, the Software can identify games to bet on or even email you when opportunities arise if none are available at the time of search (see below). 

    Your 2up Early Payout Strategy Options

    When waiting to see if your backed side goes two up (can be 2.0/3.1 etc.), then you have two main options:-

    • When the offer is triggered (side goes two up), you can choose to ‘Trade in’ at your exchange or re-calculate your matched bet for instant profit – do this by taking out another back chance (a little more complicated) at the exchange (see calculator section below).
    • You can check after the game has finished – the do-nothing approach with some perseverance; in the long run, it is + EV.

    Waiting for a ‘full turnaround’ increases the long-term profit you receive since it will outweigh the incremental (and more frequent) cashing out profits (however tempting they are to take).

    If you don’t want to wait and risk losing the potential to cash in (in-game), then you will need to calculate your potential lock-in profit, and you require a calculator to do so:

    Matched Betting Early Payout Calculator

    The 2up Matched Betting Early Payout Calculator makes carrying out the matched betting 2up strategy efficient and quick.

    Input your back and lay stake in-game (as identified through the odds matcher). If the backed team goes two up and the early payout is triggered (awarded), the matched betting early payout calculator will show you the possible profit from the full turnaround. Or you can trade out the bet instead.

    The example below illustrates a £100 profit from a £50 bet when a full turnaround occurred with the game (at 3 – 3.1 odds).

    The most you can ‘lose’ is the known qualifying amount of £1.62.

    Complete guidance about how to carry out the strategy is provided below.

    matched betting calculator
    matched betting calculator

    With the matched betting 2up strategy, cashing in on a game at a 2:1 scoreline will be more profitable than with a game still at 2:0, as the takeaway profits at that point may be marginal.

    It may be a good idea to consider ‘taking the profit’ (trade-out or through an additional lay bet) at the 2:2 scoreline if you are concerned the backed side may clinch a last-minute winner. NB: this applies for any game score variation of 2up. 

    Below is the potential profit when the new back odds are at 1.5.

    matched betting calculator

    Daunting at First, Simple Once you Get Going

    Though it initially seems daunting, carrying out the 2up strategy offer is straightforward. 

    It’s worth thinking about how you would approach the 2up offer if a team goes two up and then starts losing goals. The offer can use a large part of your bankroll, so it’s ideal for when you have completed your welcome and reload offer (and perhaps Casino offers) first.

    Ensure you’ve explicitly opted into the Early Payout 2up offer. The bookmaker should highlight the offer when placing your back bet with bet365 and Paddy Power.

    Available on Top Tier Football and Other Sports

    The matched betting 2up strategy offer is usually available for betting on major competitions such as the Premier League, World Cup and other major sporting competitions like Wimbledon.

    The early payout process also works with other sports, such as Tennis, but there are complications you need to consider (such as tennis retirement rules) that are not a concern with football. Player retirement is a factor in Tennis that complicates the strategy, so football to start with is advised.

    matched betting 2up offer
    Latest info from Bet 365 (August 2022)

    Matched Betting 2up (Early Payout) Strategy
    A +EV Activity

    The Matched Betting 2up Strategy can be highly profitable; mathematically, it’s a winning approach.

    Large profits await when you have the bankroll, the patience and tenacity. You may have to wait a while for the maths to return to your favour, but they will. A full turnaround occurs in approximately 3% of games. 

    With the matched betting 2up strategy, you stand to win hundreds of pounds when your bet hits, from a qualifying loss of under £2 (using a matched betting service can guarantee this).

    The maths tell us that when you consistently place 2up bets, it will be +EV to take up the offer in the long run. Stick with it!

    For other more complex matched betting opportunities, see our advanced guides, tips, and advice posts to help you along the way.

    Remember, a matched betting site is essential to identify the right offers and matched betting opportunities, including the Early Payout Offer. We review all the best matched betting sites for you.

    Matched Betting Early Payout Strategy - Terms and Conditions (Bet 365)

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    matched betting early payout offer
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    matched betting early payout
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