Matched Betting Spreadsheet

Matched Betting Spreadsheet

Track Your Profits with a Matched Betting Spreadsheet

There is plenty of profit to be had with matched betting, so keeping yourself organised and tracking your bankroll and profit with a Matched Betting Spreadsheet is essential.
It’s essential to track your activity without taking much time away from making money! It’s good to keep it simple but ensure it contains the critical information you need.
Options include a simple Excel matched betting spreadsheet (or ‘sheet’) consisting of your essential info or an automated tracker from a matched betting service such as or the Oddsmonkey Profit Tracker
An automatic tracker from a matched betting site may be more valuable than a matched betting accumulator spreadsheet; for example, self-designing a spreadsheet may be a little difficult for those a little less computer savvy.

We also discuss the matched betting accumulator spreadsheet below.

Spreadsheets - Top Tips

A spreadsheet can help stop you make mistakes, reducing the risk of being gubbed for errors such as accidentally placing back bets against both sides of a market.

Suspicious activity can raise red flags, placing your ongoing access to promotions and, therefore, future profit in jeopardy. It can feel good to track your earnings and bankroll/personal finances outside of the software options available to you.

Why you need a Matched Betting Spreadsheet

It makes sense to keep track of your activities when you start matched betting. It might not be fun for those who do not enjoy admin, but it is necessary.

When you start, for welcome offers, I recommend that at the minimum, you track on a matched betting spreadsheet:–

  • Bookmaker balance/log on details (password, deposits, website links, withdrawals) – you will have a lot to track;
  • Bookmaker current offer you are on (date started, brief details of the offer (example bet x, get x), profit/loss (qualifying loss/profit from free bets), specific detail on free bet release (at time of placing a qualifying bet or when event settles?);
  • the running profit from these offers;

You can also build into your spreadsheet (with simple formula) a matched betting calculator, and this will help you to double-check your workings as you go along.

Options to Consider with your Spreadsheet

matched betting frequently asked questions

Perhaps you may want separate tabs on your spreadsheet, such as for bookmaker accounts and also for current profit and loss/offers you are working through at the time.

You can go with one sheet for tracking your profits. Knowing where your bankroll sits is also vital to ensure you can keep up a decent pace for matched betting (you may need to move money around and into the exchange).

A matched betting spreadsheet can ensure an instantly retrievable and precise tracking of your activities.

Knowing where you are every time you grab a few hours to carry out matched betting can be very helpful. You can also quickly check that your bookmaker balances and your Smarkets balance are as expected, and then update your spreadsheet accordingly.

Top Tips.

  • It’s worth considering whether an eWallet or separate bank account could help you track your matched betting better.
  • Consider using Google sheets/Google Drive since you can access the information on any device in any location at any time!

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Matched Betting Accumulator Spreadsheet

It can be helpful to record your accumulator bets with a matched betting accumulator spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet should document the fixtures/legs for the relevant bet you have taken out and critical information around the lay bets.

If you are laying sequentially, you must track the information you need to profit from each Acca. The alternative is to use the Acca software in your matched betting service.


Monitoring Profit

Although you might use the OddsMonkey Profit Tracker to do this (more on this later), you might also consider using a monthly graph to track your profits and bankroll. It is also beneficial to know where your money is, i.e. balance in bookmakers and in your betting exchange (I recommend Smarkets).
One option instead of creating/using your own matched betting spreadsheet is to use OddsMonkey or instead. Or consider Profit Squirrelwho can do the matched betting for you (see our full 2022 review to find out more).
Profit Trackers allows you to record your daily, monthly and all-time profits and can link directly to any records you make from the Oddsmatcher/calculators (‘logging your bet’), so it’s worth considering. A tracker usually also has some valuable stats and graphs in-built to track your journey.

Final Thoughts

When you start, it’s worth deciding what you will use your matched betting spreadsheet for and what you might not utilise it for.

It would help if you also considered how you might use it with your matched betting services’ Profit Tracker. That way, you can be clear about your progress and ensure you don’t get into any awkward admin issues.

When you are comfortable after viewing your matched betting spreadsheet, that you know all the vital information, including about your bankroll, then it’s reassuring.

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