Is Profit Squirrel Legit?

Is Profit Squirrel Legit?

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Profit Squirrel is entirely legit. You can sign up to their service as a matched betting site to receive all the information you need to find the right matched betting offers. Likewise, with the tools and membership options, you need at your disposal to successfully carry out matched betting, they are a great option.

Matched betting is not a con. It’s a no-brainer to use a service when working through the offers and earning extra income. Beyond the information here and to help you further, we have reviewed Profit Squirrel for 2022 here.

This post will delve into the service to find out more, look at what they offer, and dispel any idea that Profit Squirrel isn’t legit.

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What is Profit Squirrel?

Profit Squirrel has a loyal fan base, membership, and community as a popular matched betting site. They pride themselves on the service they offer the matched bettor.

You will find all of the standard matched betting tools you need and helpful guides to offers, along with more bespoke support.

Is Profit Squirrel Free?

Profit Squirrel is not free, not least because they provide essential guidance and tools for the matched bettor. Profits from matched betting soon make up for any associated costs for a matched betting service.

However, Profit Squirrel tends to offer a £1 trial (7 days) of Premium to new sign-ups to their free plan so that you can try that. Premium costs are amazingly competitive at only £12.99 per month or a £250 one-time payment for the Lifetime VIP Service (includes lifetime access to all Premium features).

For a complete look at other options and how they line up, see our post on the best matched betting sites for 2022 and our information on Matched Betting Free Trials.

The Lifetime VIP membership is perfect for anyone who might not have the time to spend but still wants to achieve excellent profit from matched betting.

This unique offering from Profit Squirrel provides you with your very own personal expert to do the heavy lifting. Though the service has a £250 one-off fee (which unfortunately might put people off), you don’t have ever to pay anything else again. You get all of the premium tools community access thrown in for life.

Matched betting is worth it in 2022. Matched bettors rightly start with the many welcome offers. They then move on to reloads and Casino; however, you need time to complete all of these offers. Profit Squirrel assigns you an expert who gets to work for you. The service also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for some reason (see below).

Profit Squirrel vs Profit Accumulator

The monthly Premium cost at £12.99 is now an incredible £17 cheaper per month than Profit Accumulator (Profit Accumulator raised its prices on January 9, 2022, whereas Profit Squirrel reduced theirs in August 2022!).

The best offer, though is Lifetime VIP!

The Profit Squirrel Lifetime VIP service equates to only £20 per month for a year, though you get it forever. This is excellent value, and they even guarantee your fee back in the first few weeks with plenty of profit to follow.

For a review of Profit Accumulator, click here. And to see their site, head here.

Profit Squirrel vs OddsMonkey

The Premium membership cost is £11 cheaper than OddsMonkey Premium. However, as we have mentioned, their Lifetime VIP service equates to only £20 per month for a year, yet offers so much more, it’s free forever, and it includes everything you get on Premium too.

For a review of OddsMonkey, click here. Or to see their site click visit them directly.

Make 3x More Money with Matched Betting VIP?

Profit Squirrel claim to make the matched bettor three times more money when they sign up for their VIP membership. Given they do the heavy lifting and use their expertise to find all the relevant offers out there, it’s not hard to see how this is the case.

Profit Squirrel Reviews

For our full review of the Profit Squirrel and their Lifetime VIP Service, see our 2022 review, whereby we look in more detail at every aspect of what they have to offer. Trustpilot have also collated a raft of positive reviews (see below).

Profit Squirrel Trustpilot Reviews

As of August 2022, Profit Squirrel is scoring 4.8/5 on Trustpilot with bye-an-large overly positive reviews from the public.

How do I Cancel Profit Squirrel?

To cancel your membership with Profit Squirrel (or find out how you would do this in the future), head to their website here and click on the ‘contact us page.

Earn Extra Income - Access our Free Resources to Learn Matched Betting Easily

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Other FAQS Answered

Let’s look in more depth at some of the other questions we have been asked about matched betting with Profit Squirrel.

I don't have much time. Can Profit Squirrel do it for me?

Yes, they can. To save the effort and time you need to devote to matched betting, why not join the Lifetime VIP service with their expert team to make you thousands of pounds.

Profits with matched betting with Profit Squirrel are 100% tax-free.

With the Lifetime VIP service from Profit Squirrel, you can allocate your spare time to matched betting whenever it suits you. Profit Squirrel assigns you a personal expert to do all the matched betting for you. A great option is simply placing the bets they tell you to on Whatsapp. The great thing is it only takes 2 minutes to place these bets and make a profit. Simply use 10 minutes here or there, and ask your personal expert over Whatsapp to send you relevant matched bets to make a profit. Once you sign up for the VIP (one-off £250 fee) service, Profit Squirrel experts are available 7 days a week from 8 am – Midnight and assist with your matched betting, making it easier for yourself since they do all the leg work for you. Just copy and paste the bets, it doesn’t get any easier than that!

Can anyone join Profit Squirrel?

As long as you are a resident of the UK and over 18, you can join.

You can match bet from abroad as long as you use a Virtual Private Network – VPN. Even if you have already opened some bookmaker accounts, this doesn’t stop you (see below).

How long will it take me to earn £500 per month?

By utilising the Profit Squirrel tutorials, your experience and skill level will increase. This, together with unlocked matched bets and offers, results in consistent and risk-free profit.

Each tutorial takes around 20 minutes to complete and teaches you about matched betting and how to complete the offers. They are not compulsory, but the guides make reaching the target of £500+ earnings every single month easier.

How much money do I need to start matched betting? What do I need to deposit?

You do not need vast amounts of money to start matched betting, and this can be around £30-50, or even lower! The more money you deposit when starting, the quicker you will profit. The higher the bankroll you have further into your journey, the more advanced doffers and strategies [link] you will be able to run.

You can start matched betting with Profit Squirrel with only a small amount of money, and your bankroll will build up. The money in your bankroll is not at risk, but you do need it to complete multiple offers at once (including in your betting exchange account).

Do I have to sign up for bookmakers myself?

Profit Squirrel video tutorials make things simple, but to ensure everything is above board, yes, you must sign up to bookmakers yourself. With matched betting, the more bookies you sign up to and the more offers and strategies you undertake, the greater the profit you will achieve.

Suppose you already have a few bookmaker accounts. In that case, the daily offers section provide you with all the detail you need for continuing profit after welcome offers! Step-by-step guides are provided for all daily offers and reload offers so you can still make money as an existing customer of bookmakers you are already signed up with.

Can I withdraw my matched betting profits straight away?

Though this can take around 3-5 days, you can start withdrawing your profits any time you wish. If you use an e-wallet, this can be even quicker.

What is the Profit Squirrel Money Back Guarantee?

Profit Squirrel guarantee that they will refind your money and provide you with £100 in cash if, after following their tutorials, you fail to make a profit in the first 30 days.

To get started with Profit Squirrel, Join the Lifetime VIP Service Now or learn more here.

Earn Extra Income - Access our Free Resources to Learn Matched Betting Easily

Free email matched betting course & PDF Quick Start Guide. Click below for your free stuff. It's not complicated.