Matched betting sign up offer

Matched Betting Sign Up Offer Worth £24

Matched Betting Sign Up Offer Worth £24 Welcome Offer Guide

Matched betting welcome offers are how you start earning money with matched betting. This is how you earn over £1,000 in the first month or so.

In this post, we delve right in and give you free details for an excellent quick, easy and profitable matched betting welcome offer. 

With this matched betting sign up offer from Sky Bet you receive 3 x £10 free bets, worth approximately £24 when you complete the offer.

Elsewhere we provide other beginners matched betting sign up offers (see our step-by-step guide to your first offer as the place to start) but in this post, we give you a further step-by-step guide to another simple matched betting offer!

Remember, for these offers, you must sign up for a betting exchange account, such as Smarkets (which we recommend), and you will need a minimum balance to lay your bets and cover your liabilities.

Check out all of our tips and advice articles for more information, together with our beginner and advanced strategies posts sections. We also explain elsewhere what matched betting is, explain how it’s legal, and how through simple precautions matched betting should not go wrong.

Completing Matched Betting Welcome Offers - Recap on How we do Matched Betting

To earn profit from matched betting, we place back bets, standard bets at the bookmakers and lay bets at a betting exchange (which match the bet by betting the other potential outcomes of an event, usually the loss and draw).

In simple matched betting, such as with this free offer, we place qualifying bets (as the promotion requires), repeat the steps using the free bets we receive, and to lock in these profits, carry out different calculations for each.

With our free bets, we do our best to match our bets in a way that will guarantee ourselves the highest profit possible. We aim not to take too much value and risk our bookmaker accounts’ health, usually through keeping to high odds football matches or high profile horse meets.

To also find out more information on the mechanics of simple matched betting, see our post on basic matched betting sports offers

Completing the Matched Betting Welcome Offer (receive £30 of Sky Bet tokens)

Matched Betting Welcome Offers Skybet

Further details on this kind of offer – Bet X and get X

With SkyBet being a popular bookmaker. They offer one of the perfect first offers for a beginner matched bettor, with a very low qualifying amount and an easy process.

This is one of your essential first simple sports matched betting offers to complete.

Key pointers for this matched betting welcome offer:

  • Available for 18+ UK customers (new customers)
  • Debit/credit card deposit (£5+ recommended)
  • Minimum odds for qualifying bet: none (lower than 2.5 recommended to keep qualifying losses low)
  • Customers using Neteller or Skrill do not qualify
  • Awarded a stake not returned (SNR) free bet
  • Time to complete: 15-20 minutes

Bet £5 get £24 with SkyBet - Step 1: Open your Skybet Account and Deposit.

It’s a good idea (though not required) to deposit more than the minimum amount needed for the promotional offer, so it’s best to deposit £5+* for this matched betting welcome offer.

*We, therefore, refer to the offer as bet £5 but as long as you bet more than £0.05, you will qualify.

We treat each step as if we are a regular punter. It’s easy later to withdraw our balance or use it for reload offers. See our guide to mug betting for more information on similar steps to reduce the chance of being banned (gubbed) from bookmaker accounts).

Enter all your correct details to finish registration and opt-in to receive marketing messages to ensure you get all the latest offers for continuing profit with SkyBet from matched betting after welcome offers.

Bet £5 get £24 with SkyBet - Step 2: Set Your Account to Decimal Odds.

You need to set your preferred odds format to decimal rather than fractional odds.

You may be more familiar with fractional odds (2/1, 5/1 etc.), but we use decimals that look like 3.0, 6.0 etc.

You can access your user account at the top right of the SkyBet page, selecting the ‘Odds Format’ to change this.

Matched Betting Welcome Offers Skybet odds details

For more detail on completing matched betting sign up offers, why not sign up for the free matched betting course (click ‘Get Started’ below).

Earn Extra Income - Access our Free Resources to Learn Matched Betting Easily

Free email matched betting course & PDF Quick Start Guide. Click below for your free stuff. It's not complicated.

We recommend Profit Accumulator or OddsMonkey as your matched betting service, which you need to find the right matched bets and to use all the right tools. See our guide to the best matched betting sites if you want to compare what’s on offer.

Profit Squirrel also now has a unique option for those who have less time to devote to the offers, they do them for you if you sign up to their VIP Lifetime service! We have put together a full 2022 review here.

Bet £5 get £24 with Sky Bet - Step 3: Find and Place your Qualifying Bet

Use the OddsMatcher from your service to find your Qualifying Bet opportunity (to trigger receiving your free bets). 

There are no minimum odds with this matched betting welcome offer, but go for 2.5 (or lower) to ensure you have the lowest possible qualifying loss, and it’s best to only start with high profile football fixtures or races (again, to make you always appear as a regular punter).

From the screenshot above (premier League 22 December 2021*), we can see the best options at the top, with the game Liverpool vs Leicester looking promising. We can back them at (decimal) odds of 4.33 at SkyBet and then lay off the bet with Smarkets at 4.7.

We are looking for an event that is as close to a 100% rating as possible (to take good value when with free bets, or in this case, to have as low a qualifying loss as possible), but not beyond 100%, since we don’t want to do arb bets when we are matched betting beginners.

*There were not many games listed w/c 20 December due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK.

Using the calculator with this offer, we utilise ‘normal’ mode, ideal for this simple offer. See some images below of what this looks like using the fixture example above (shown through the oddsmatcher and a standalone calculator (available free online)).

We have ensured the lowest loss possible with the qualifying bet. Remember, this loss is not an issue; it’s minimal and entirely swallowed up by the profit from repeating the process with the free bets we receive (making the overall offer risk free and profitable).

All this does highlight the need to ensure we continually meet the criteria for the deal, as otherwise, the free bets won’t get triggered (and at the very least, we will have wasted our time). Other offers have more specific triggering requirements than the Sky Bet offer.

When you are happy, place your back bet with the bookmaker (double-check the odds haven’t changed and proceed) and your lay bet at the betting exchange.

Bet £5 get £24 with Sky Bet - Step 4: Place your Free Bets.

Soon after your matched betting welcome offer trigger bet settles, you will receive your three £10 free bet tokes.

You now need to repeat the steps you took above, but now we are looking to maximise profit from these three matched bets.

Re-open the oddsMatcher and find a suitable opportunity. Odds of 5.0+ will ensure that your profits for the offer are as high as possible. Again, see an example opportunity below (oddsmatcher and calculator selection on free bet SNR*).

Complete the offer utilising the calculator in ‘Free Bet (SNR – Stake Not Returned) mode since for our free bets; Sky Bet do not return the stake. The calculator will provide you with the amount you need to lay off for each free bet – matched bet.

OddsMonkey Welcome Offer Calculator

Use the Sky Bet free bet in the bet slip and place your back bets for each of the three £10 bets, followed by your lay bet for each.

As always, ensure the odds haven’t changed. If the lay odds only have changed, then amend this when you place your lay bets at the betting exchange (we recommend Smarkets, but you can also use Betfair or even Betdaq).

After completing this matched betting welcome offer, you will have earned £20-£30 in total, and with the typical odds you can find, we estimate that this will be approximately £24.

Enjoy the tax-free profit!

Matched Betting Welcome Offers Skybet details
Offer details (correct at time of writing) from the Sky Bet website

Earn Extra Income - Access our Free Resources to Learn Matched Betting Easily

Free email matched betting course & PDF Quick Start Guide. Click below for your free stuff. It's not complicated.