Why People Quit Matched Betting

Why People Quit Matched Betting

Why People Quit Matched Betting

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Some people quit matched betting before they earned the money they could have, which is surprising.

When matched betting is done right, it is an almost guaranteed source of income. There are very few ways to make a loss, as long as you ensure things don’t go wrong.

On this page, we will go through a few of the more common reasons why people quit matched betting.

We hope this will show you some pitfalls if you are new to matched betting. Hopefully, by knowing the pitfalls in advance, you will easily avoid them.

Top Reasons People Quit Matched Betting

We have spoken to several ex-matched bettors, and it seems that they all share very similar reasons behind why they gave it all up; this helps us look at why people quit matched betting in more detail.

They don't Earn Cash as Quickly as they Want

If you have very little cash to invest in matched betting, then at first, your income can be slow to ramp up. You may be making a couple of hundred pounds here and there. It may not seem for some to be worth the amount of effort you are pouring into it at times.

We can assure you that you can easily earn a lot of money once you start matched betting and take advantage of the better bonuses with more cash at your disposal. The trick is to ride that initial rough patch and use it as an important phase to pick up the ropes.

Though it is possible to start matched betting from very little, possibly as low as £10-£50, as we have explored in our post here, it’s best to start with more.

Sites such as OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator provide detailed guidance for every offer, step-by-step making it far less likely you will go wrong.

See our guide to the best matched betting sites if you want to compare every paid and free service currently on offer. And don’t forget to sign up for a betting exchange such as Smarkets.

They Fail to Realise the Time Commitment

Matched betting isn’t something you can do a few minutes per week. Not if you want to earn the big bucks.

Many people seem to falsely believe that matched betting is as close to passive income as you can get. It isn’t. It requires work.

If you want to earn real cash from matched betting, then you need to be spending up to an hour per day or several hours on the weekend running through offers and placing your bets. There is no catch, but time and perseverance are required like all things.

Consistent effort and commitment to matched betting will bring about excellent results. For a non-taxable easy to learn activity, it is a perfect option for earning cash online in 2022 and beyond.

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They Don't Take Advantage of all Available Bonuses

Many guides to matched betting will tell you that welcome bonuses are a route into matched betting. They are. You can’t get started at an online sportsbook without taking advantage of a welcome bonus. However, this isn’t where we make the real cash. The money from matched betting comes from taking advantage of multiple profit streams on a site.

If you aren’t taking advantage of regular bonuses at a sportsbook, you will very quickly exhaust available sites and heavily restrict how much cash you can make.

There is plenty of profit to be had after welcome offers. Reload offers, advanced strategies (such as 2Up Early Payout), and multi-accounting is how many continue matched betting for several years, often earning thousands of pounds each year in the process.

Many people seem to give up matched betting because they aren’t aware of additional income streams like reload bonuses or casino offers. The more you take advantage of these bonuses, the more cash you can make, and the more likely you will hang around the world of matched betting.

Is Matched Betting Profitable in 2022?

We have seen some people start matched betting and then give up right away. They have been told that matched betting is not profitable or not worth the time, which is wrong. There is plenty of money to be had.

While it may be true that you can’t quite make as much money with matched betting as you used to, there is still a ton of cash to be made. People are using matched betting in 2022, earning a rather sizeable income.

Can You Lose Money with Matched Betting?

Yes, you can lose money; however, this is if you make mistakes. If you do everything right, the most you can stand to lose from a single bet is a few pence, which is already known to you and is part of the qualifying losses we expect in order to profit with free bets.

Many people seem to quit matched betting because they think heavy losses are right around the corner. We promise you; they aren’t. If you put effort into your research and use a matched betting site, we review the best ones here).

Why People Quit Matched Betting -
Final Thoughts

So, why people quit matched betting is often because they don’t have a solid idea of how it works. They think they will make big bucks overnight with minimal effort, but this isn’t the case.

Many also make the mistake of quitting matched betting after their first profit from the welcome offers, which is a huge mistake too.

Making money from matched betting takes a while, but we can assure you that it is worth the effort.

Earn Extra Income - Access our Free Resources to Learn Matched Betting Easily

Free email matched betting course & PDF Quick Start Guide. Click below for your free stuff. It's not complicated.