Trading 212 free shares

Trading212 free shares

Get free shares worth up to £100 when you join the excellent trading platform Trading212.

Only £1 is required to claim offer with our code!

Use our link here and follow the simple step-by-step instructions below for your Trading212 account setup and free welcome shares.

After registering and depositing £1, you will be given free shares valued up to £100! For UK residents.

It’s easy and only takes 5 minutes to sign up (best to use mobile); you just need some personal info and a driver’s license or passport to hand.

Sign up to Trading212 and complete the application process, register and deposit just £1 and wait for your free share/s.

See the screenshots below for all the stages (as listed here), taking only 10 minutes!

In the app, the first step is to confirm your country of residence, then choose your ‘Stocks and EFTs account (with zero commission)’, provide some basic financial details, and your account will be set up in moments.

The next step is to choose your documentation and complete your ID requirements (Drivers License is easiest).

After your identity is confirmed and you have set up your account, deposit £1 into your account (very easy through linking bank accounts – though this is optional).

Soon after these steps are complete your free share/s will appear in the app (as you will see below it took about one hour).

Screenshots: Setting up your account

Screenshot 20221007 121304 Trading 212
Screenshot 20221007 121318 Trading 212
Screenshot 20221007 121348 Trading 212

Setting up your account / ID verification

Screenshot 20221007 121511 Trading 212
Screenshot 20221007 121651 Trading 212
Screenshot 20221007 121700 Trading 212

Account verification / review

Screenshot 20221007 121710 Trading 212
Screenshot 20221007 121857 Trading 212
Screenshot 20221007 121914 Trading 212

Linking your bank account

Screenshot 20221007 122012 Trading 212
Screenshot 20221007 122028 Trading 212
Screenshot 20221007 122111 Trading 212

Receiving your free shares

Screenshot 20221007 122233 Trading 212
Screenshot 20221007 122253 Trading 212 1
Screenshot 20221007 131951 Trading 212

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