Profit Squirrel Lifetime VIP – Review 2023

This post reviews Profit Squirrel’s matched betting service to see what they offer and how they line up with other matched betting services.

What makes Profit Squirrel stand apart and provide a real opportunity for a matched bettor is, in our view, their Lifetime VIP service.

It could be the ideal option for matched bettors and a specific individual who wants to make money with matched betting but who doesn’t feel they have the time to dedicate to it.

Remember, using a matched betting site for matched betting is a no-brainer. See our reviews of the different site options here: Best Matched Betting Sites.

Let’s, therefore, look into the Profit Squirrel Lifetime VIP offer first before we go into a more general review of the site.

The main draw for the Lifetime VIP membership is the ability to make money with matched betting when you don’t have the time.

Profit Squirrel will let your personal expert do it all for you after paying their one-time payment of £250 (completely one-off, you never have to pay again, and it also includes full premium access for life).

We can’t underplay the unique nature of this service.

A frequent concern about matched betting is that there is a catch, and it’s “too good to be true”, this, as we know, is not valid; however, as with all things online, to earn money takes time, and some people don’t have as much of it!

Matched betting is undoubtedly worth it in 2022 and represents a great way to make money online with essentially no barrier to entry or significant risk; however, to complete all the offers, you need to throw time at it, but what if you have your “very own personal matched betting expert assigned to you”?

Profit Squirrel assigns you an expert who gets to work for you and earns you your profit. As they say with their promotional material, “With just a few clicks, you’re cashing in,” and you can watch your bank grow, making thousands of pounds. The service also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee, so there is literally no risk you will lose money by signing up.

Check out below this communication with Lifetime VIP members, a helpful testimonial for the service

Profit Squirrel Testimonial
Profit Squirrel Testimonial
Profit Squirrel Testimonial
Profit Squirrel review

Features of the lifetime access include:

  • Receive Lifetime VIP Access with Profit Squirrel after a one-off payment of £250
  • Other than the one-off fee, there is no subscription, no charges. No fees
  • Guarantee to make your £250 back in just two weeks, and from there, “it’s pure profit for the rest of your life!”
  • Claimed to make you 3x than ordinary subscriptions (testimonials highlighted to show evidence of the great potential for profit)
  • Referral scheme offering the ability to earn £50 for each person you refer to Lifetime VIP!

For someone who doesn’t have the time to dedicate themselves entirely to matched betting but is enticed by the profit you can receive, the service offered by Profit Squirrel seems to be a no-brainer option for 2023.

With the guarantee that you’ll make a profit or you’ll get your money back, there appears to be little downside to giving it a go.

Profit Squirrel offers the beginner matched bettor a great option as a matched betting service, but they offer something truly unique with their VIP Lifetime Service.

If you want to take up this fantastic opportunity to earn money online in 2021 and add to your income stream without dedicating any more hours than you have time for, then contact Profit Squirrel.

Profit Squirrel Review 2023 -
Site Review

Profit Squirrel is one of the less established matched betting services. Established in 2015, they pride themselves on how contactable they are.

On their excellently presented website, they refute any cynicism about what they offer (and Profit Squirrel has plenty of pros to make themselves a viable option); they also help demystify matched betting and dispute any idea that matched betting is a scam.

They have a direct phone line that you can contact them on, social contact/membership on Facebook, 100+ videos on their YouTube channel, as well as an impressive Trust Pilot score of 4.9 with great reviews.

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Profit Squirrel Review 2023 -
Design of Website

One of the main things you notice straight away about the Profit Squirrel website is a high level of design and pleasant experience, and it’s certainly good to look at.

The “Profit X” approach for a site name is undoubtedly common in matched betting, but the Squirrel name is well deployed. It’s a well-structured site with a pleasing colour scheme and clear branding throughout. It overall feels more enjoyable to navigate than competitors such as OddsMonkey and (formerly Profit Accumulator).

Navigation and ease of access within the site are excellent; you can easily tour their site, read about the company, find out what they do and offer, get your head around the basics of matched betting. You can take a look at the blog and easily find contact details to get in contact with someone from the team (and a live chat popup option – offering help).

Profit Squirrel reviews

Profit Squirrel Review 2023 -
Premium Access*

*See below for membership options/pricing comparison

As with all matched betting services, you need to see guidance, information, tools, and help to complete your basic and more advanced matched betting offers. 

Profit Squirrel has excellent guidance, including video guides and tutorials listing the offers to complete as a beginner or each day/week for reloads and advanced strategies. They have a competitive number of offers, a great spread of offer types, and clear help to get you started.

Profit Squirrel Review 2023 - Tutorials, Oddsmatcher and Calculators

As you find in matched betting services, and Profit Squirrel is no different, there are multiple tutorials and guides to follow, helping you to get started with your welcome sign-up offers and get you on your route to profit. The guides are in written format, and video format and a good feature are the jargon-busting popups that help guide you along.

There is a comprehensive selection of sign up offers provided by Profit Squirrel. Likewise, their daily offers selection provides you with what you need to continue to gain profit after these welcome offers.

Profit Squirrel Welcome guides
Example welcome offer with helpful video guidance for beginners

We have the usual oddsmatcher and calculators for matched betting provided for users. It’s tough to provide better tools than the leading services, but we have what we need, including the essential calculator to identify your lay stakes. It’s all as expected and laid out well (see screenshots below).

Profit Squirrel Oddsmatcher
The Profit Squirrel Oddsmatcher
Profit Squirrel Oddsmatcher Calculator

The oddsmatcher is well structured, attractive and straightforward to use. However, a disadvantage against competitors is the lack of betting exchange integration.

Usually, laying direct in this manner is helpful both for ease and speed, including to gain the 0% commission rate with Smarkets (that you can qualify for with some other matched betting services).

Of course, none of this makes a difference if you opt for their Lifetime VIP service and have their experts do it all for you!

Profit Squirrel provides a profit tracker, which is good to have, but it’s relatively basic. You can use a matched betting spreadsheet, but it’s good to have the software tracking your matched bets, offer progress and results/profit. Profit Squirrel has all the necessary calculators to complete the offers, and there are also spreadsheets for more complicated offer types such as accumulators

In the same category is a community/forum. This is in the form of a Facebook community of about 8k members. Understandably, since the site is newer and less established than the ‘big players’ in the market, the community is smaller but nevertheless engaged.

Profit Squirrel forum

Profit Squirrel Review 2023 - Pricing, Value and Tools

Profit Squirrel has three pricing/membership options – a free plan, Premium monthly access (no subscription/minimum term) and the Lifetime VIP service.

The standard monthly charge for Profit Squirrel subscription Premium is now lower than all the comparable competition – see below for pricing (correct as of May 2022).

However, a £250 one-time payment offers excellent value for Lifetime VIP access with Profit Squirrel.

*£12.99 is a reduced price from August 2022. 

Most matched betting services offer a free plan. They provide substantive help and accessible guidance to completing offers; for full comparisons on these and all paid options, see our post on the best matched betting sites for 2023.

The Profit Squirrel pricing can be found at the bottom of the homepage (see screenshot below for this detail), accompanied by constructive tips, videos and testimonials etc.).

Profit Squirrel matched betting

Starting with the free membership provides you with a flavour of what you get with Profit Squirrel. This option has limited offer guides (similar to other leading matched betting services), and you need their premium membership to get going with matched betting.

A £1 trial (7 days) of Premium is usually offered by email to those signing up for a free plan at the time of writing.

It would also be helpful if there were some better software available such as for accumulators and horse racing extra places, but this is not critical as Profit Squirrel does have a decent selection of tools available for the matched bettor, although it isn’t obvious what these are before you sign-up.

Profit Squirrel reviews

Profit Squirrel Review 2023 - Final Thoughts

Where Profit Squirrel stands apart is with the dedication they bring to directly supporting their members, from the reassurance and guidance of a welcome call, from helping remove any obstacles to profit and (not least because of their excellent selection of offers and tutorials) giving confidence to beginners in completing an offer or better understanding a matched betting topic.

It’s clear that Profit Squirrel provides incredible value to a matched bettor who uses them for their customer service; they clearly state that they are focused on creating the best support for members, especially those new to both the concept and application of matched betting. The help sessions they offer, Facebook group, and live chat aim to support new starters.

All these comments aside, we circle back to the unique strength that Profit Squirrel brings to the table (which seems to be the culmination of all of this and what they are good at) with their unique Lifetime VIP Service.

No other matched betting service offers this, which sets them apart from the rest of the pack. Getting your personal matched betting expert do it all for you is quite brilliant and precisely what so many people in the matched betting community have been crying out for.

If you are interested in giving it a go, Profit Squirrel would like to hear from you: Find out more about the Lifetime VIP Service.

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