OddsMonkey Review 2022

Oddsmonkey Review 2022

The OddsMonkey Premium Matched Betting Service
The Full OddsMonkey Review 2022

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A common question is whether a matched betting service is worth the money, and there is no hesitation at all in my answer –

Yes! A matched betting service is definitely worth it in 2022. 

Subscription-based matched betting services provide you with invaluable information and tools to profit from the offers provided by bookmakers and the tools to continue with more advanced techniques.

I have provided an OddsMonkey review here since this is the service I use. Without a matched betting service, it takes a significant amount of additional time to identify relevant opportunities.

Without this help, you reduce the earning per hour potential, making things much more difficult (though it’s not impossible).

With a paid service, it’s important to note that you soon make back your spend on a subscription fee through the free bets and profits you gain.

There is also Premium trials available, and during the time that you will likely become convinced of the value you get.

Matched betting provides sustainable tax-free income. To achieve this, matched betting services give you helpful and clear guidance on every offer you wish to complete, together with the site support/community assistance to help walk you through step-by-step and avoid any pitfalls or mistakes.

Profit Accumulator is the main alternative to Oddsmonkey and has more users, and considers itself the UK’s most popular matched betting service. It has amazing brand recognition and reviews.

A full review is here, and then why not also consider checking out Profit Accumulator with a trial, so you can decide yourself which service to ultimately choose.

From humble beginnings back in 2011, OddsMonkey began with just their Oddsmatcher but now offer all the tools you need for matched betting given that they are “a crack team of software developers and experienced matched bettors”, their help is of great value.

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The information here and review is our honest reflections and true feelings about the PA site and service.

Other companies provide similar services, most notably OddsMonkey. We would recommend of course that you take a look at them both and always decide for yourself. See our review of the best matched betting sites for 2022.


What you Can Expect from OddsMonkey Premium

  • The service they provide includes an array of matched betting opportunities, giving guides on how to complete offers, provision of support and a strong community, together with a variety of tools to utilise as you go about your activities (more on that below).
  • At the time of writing, OddsMonkey costs of membership are £24.99* (month), which is £5 cheaper than Profit Accumulator (Premium – Platinum) and offers a competitive option for those carrying out matched betting (half price first-month code ordinarily available).
  • They importantly provide a large selection of sign-up offers and help/guidance for a long list of bookmakers as a service. Without access to this information, it takes much longer to find matched betting opportunities. Indeed, going alone, you don’t get the reassurance that they have been checked and a bookmaker/offer is safe to complete.
  • A daily offer calendar provides you with instant access to additional and updated matched betting opportunities.
  • The customer service and support you receive from OddsMonkey are superb, and this is recognised on Trustpilot.
  • For those who move on from welcome offers, there are many regular updates, reloads, and daily offers available to you both from the site and directly by email. OddsMonkey also provides assistance with deals and offers in this area for new account offers on Casino and games, as well as a dedicated Casino Hub.
  • OddsMonkey always offers a very generously priced trial (and as of August 2022, they also offer half price the first month – see image further above). The trial is a great way to get started with your first offers, find your feet and confirm to yourself the benefits the service brings before you commit fully. You can tell from the low price of the trial that they are confident you will stay, and it’s simply a no-brainer.

*August 2022

OddsMonkey Bookmakers
OddsMonkey provides lots of help. Click on image for more answers!

When you sign up to OddsMonkey Premium, you get 0% commission on Smarkets, which again saves you money on every matched betting transaction you make.

Simply use the integration tool from the excellent OddsMonkey Odds Matcher and you are sorted!

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The Matched Betting Tools you Access with OddsMonkey

OddsMonkey provides a great depth of tutorials & training, including written guides to the offers, video guides. Their Odds Matcher and Profit Tracker are fantastic and so helpful for the matched bettor.

The Oddsmatcher

The primary tool you will utilise daily is the OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher which finds the opportunities required to complete welcome offers. The tool helps you to, for example, identify the horses to back or pick the games to bet on. 

The Oddsmatcher is also super helpful with its integrated calculator. Being linked directly to your betting exchange makes laying the bet straightforward and complete after a few clicks. 

The Profit Tracker

One more click allows you to log the bet with your Profit Tracker. The tracker can complement a matched betting spreadsheet or become your one place for tracking your activities and profits. OddsMonkey also provides valuable stats and views of your successes to date, which is handy.

Available on Multiple Devices

Oddsmonkey Review

The Matched Betting Forum and many other services are available across devices, which is a handy additional bonus for matched betting on the move.

Fantastic Forum and Support from Staff

The forum is an excellent resource with OddsMonkey staff and community assistance, especially for matched betting beginners.

Moderation comes from experienced matched bettors dedicated to providing you with the best help they can. 

Community members are happy to help with advice and guidance and the forum. Dedicated sections, guides and discussions on all of the welcome offers and daily offers provide great value.

You can also start a new conversation, and there will be support and community involvement / social activity often in minutes.

The ACCA Finder

How to match bet accas

When you are a little more experienced in matched betting and need to carry out accumulators for welcome and reload offers, the Acca Finder will cut through the complexities and do all the maths for you (‘My Accas’ saves current accumulators for easy access when needed). 

The OddsMonkey Acca Matcher allows you to find the opportunities, with the extensive guides to help you with this more complicated area and ensure you still earn profits from carrying out these bets.

Essential for matched betting accas, the Acca builder helps to unlock profits through implementing more advanced +EV strategies.

Consider also taking a look at the Make Money Online Hub. Perfect for giving more context and getting more help on adding matched betting to your side hustles!

Other Services

In addition to the main Oddsmatcher, OddsMonkey also provide the following:

  • Horse Racing Matcher
  • Tennis Matcher
  • Each Way Matcher
  • OddsMonkey Acca Matcher (find accumulators)
  • Dutch Matcher, and an
  • Extra Places Matcher. 

Multiple tutorials and getting started guides are also available.

OddsMonkey Review 2022
Final Thoughts

We recommend OddsMonkey as your matched betting service. With the guides, tools and support you receive, they offer incredible value and guaranteed profit. They are also excellent for horse racing in particular.

The value swallows up the subscription fee you pay each month beyond any doubt, not least from the 0% commission at Smarkets that comes with your Premium account.

A matched betting service is worth it, and OddsMonkey is a great choice (they also have a trial). With matched betting alive and kicking in 2022, it’s now a great time to start earning extra income through matched betting. 

The main alternative to OddsMonkey is Outplayed.com (formerly Profit Accumulator), AND Profit Squirrel also appeal with their unique Lifetime VIP service. To take a look at the other options, see information on the best matched betting sites in 2022.

Any thoughts or opinions? Do not hesitate to comment on the blog or directly contact us by emailing answers@matchedbettingfaqs.com

Profit Squirrel VIP Lifetime Service
Check out Profit Squirrel's VIP service

Earn Extra Income - Access our Free Resources to Learn Matched Betting Easily

Free email matched betting course & PDF Quick Start Guide. Click below for your free stuff. It's not complicated.

Brilliant course. Goes into the basics and in-depth. Always responds to messages to assist with any queries no matter how silly they sound.

James S